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A picture tells a 1000 words, but doesn't show 1000 people
2007-09-13 16:38
by Bob Timmermann
2007-09-13 16:55:57
1.   Woden325
Makes me feel better about the vast swathes of empty seats at Coors Field.

Maybe the Marlins need to start discounting, and heavily. Dollar days, for instance.

2007-09-13 17:22:59
2.   ToyCannon
So explain to me when you can sit anywhere, you choose to sit somewhere other then the 1st row?
2007-09-13 17:59:38
3.   El Lay Dave
I remember when Oakland was drawing record-low crowd in the 1000s, but did they get as low as three digits?

I always wanted to attend a game like this to increase tremendously my odds at a getting a game ball.

2007-09-13 18:31:49
4.   DXMachina
3 Airfare to Miami: $300
Taxi to the Game: $40
Cheapest ticket price at a Marlins game: $12
Getting a bucket full of foul balls without getting beaten up by other fans: Priceless...
2007-09-13 18:42:14
5.   Johnny Nucleo
Move the Marlins to Montreal! You're guaranteed at least 2000 there.
2007-09-13 19:09:10
6.   Josh Wilker
God, what a picture. I wish I was at that game. The closest I ever came to being at something like that was at Shea one time after a really, really long mid-game rain delay. It's like a dream in which the usually huge gulf between you and the Major Leagues shrinks.
2007-09-13 19:20:05
7.   DXMachina
6 I was at a spring training game like that once, when the Royals were still training out at Baseball City, FL (aka the middle of nowhere). Maybe a hundred people in the stands. Of course it was a much smaller venue. Had a nice chat with John Mayberry. He was coaching first at the time.
2007-09-13 20:27:06
8.   KG16
I went to a Rams game against the Falcons at Angel Stadium when I was a kid, I swear, it looked like there were more people on the sidelines then there were in the seats.
2007-09-13 20:28:07
9.   dianagramr
It was the "Get your own deck of the stadium" day ...
2007-09-13 23:41:04
10.   BruceR
The best thing about this game ??? No wave !!!

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