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2007-10-09 04:00
by Bob Timmermann



The Greatest Game Ever Played?

2007-10-09 05:35:06
1.   D4P
The Gas House Gorillas are a buncha base-cloggers.

Shouldn't that last play have been a ground-rule triple...?

2007-10-09 07:08:46
2.   Josh Wilker
Yes, this is the best game ever played.

I think a couple good cartoon softball games deserve an honorable mention: the game on King of the Hill where Hank's Strickland Propane team takes on a rival propane company team that is using ringer Kurt Bevacqua (if only for the way Hank Hill solemnly pronounces the words "Kurt Bevacqua"), and the Simpsons' ringer-filled Springfield Power Plant Team game in which Mr. Burns' sign for the bunt is to touch his belt "not once, not twice, but thrice."

Here's a link to the "Talkin' Softball" song from the latter show, perhaps particularly poignant today because the last active player to appear on the episode seems to have clucked like a chicken for the last time (he's the first player mentioned in the song; also note that the second player mentioned might also be spending the day today packing up for the offseason):

2007-10-09 07:10:29
3.   dianagramr
Ah, one of my fave Bugs cartoons.

Here is an equally-terrific analysis of Bugs Bunny, baseball player.

2007-10-09 07:10:49
4.   Josh Wilker
2 Correction: There is still one other player from the Springfield Nine still virtually ensured of being active in the majors next season.
2007-10-09 08:03:33
5.   Shaun P
4 I just hope he doesn't up the "number of guys on Burns' ringer team who end up playing for the Yankees". If he does, we know The Boss is back to his bad old ways.

Though, I imagine as a Sox fan, Josh, that would not bother you at all. =)

2007-10-09 08:41:16
6.   Ken Arneson
How can you show that without linking to the definitive analysis of the game?

2007-10-09 08:42:46
7.   Bob Timmermann
It's a long road from 3 to 6
2007-10-09 08:43:57
8.   Ken Arneson
3 Oh poop.
2007-10-09 08:46:31
9.   dianagramr

gmta ....

2007-10-09 08:56:26
10.   ToyCannon
Your awesome Bob.
2007-10-09 09:01:06
11.   vockins
I've been waiting for Mitchell & Ness to release the Gas House Gorilla alternate away uniform bowler and braces for ages.
2007-10-09 09:07:32
12.   tjshere
Duaner Sanchez must have particular admiration for that final out.
2007-10-09 09:22:55
13.   Gagne55
I guess the umpire didn't realize that making a play with a thrown glove awards the batter three bases.
2007-10-09 10:43:51
14.   Gagne55
Actually, now that I think about it, the batter was rightfully called out for using a bat beyond regulation size.
2007-10-09 16:21:32
15.   Kevin Lewis

I believe he would be awarded third base but could advance home at his own risk

2007-10-09 16:55:39
16.   Daniel Zappala
13 , 14 He was out for going out of the basepath.

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