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Get the coffee ready on the East Coast for the NLCS
2007-10-08 23:38
by Bob Timmermann

With all the game times except for a potential Game 7 set, the NLCS will have four games starting at 8:30 pm ET (Games 1, 3, 5, and 6) and two starting at 10 pm ET (Game 2 and 4).

If you live on the East Coast and you doze off, just drop me a line, I'll promise to send you an email update with the final score.


The two late starts in the NLCS are for the only two days when both the ALCS and NLCS are being played. And instead of running them at the same time on two Fox outlets, the AL will start first on Fox and then three hours later the NL starts on TBS.

Because you know, Red Sox games always finish in less than three hours.

2007-10-09 03:18:45
1.   dzzrtRatt
Some may decry this, but for the west coast, it means people who have to work for a living can get home in time to see playoff baseball. A rare thing.

One of the best things about giving up commuting was not missing the starts of playoff games timed for east coasters. I appreciate your sympathy for those on the east who can't stay up to see the end, but those who have been forced to miss the first three innings for decades can rejoice.

2007-10-10 22:08:39
2.   das411
Welp I guess for us Easties, our uppance has come!

I do suspect we'll be seeing quite a few repeats of that everybody yawning commercial for Pepsi Max during this NLCS though...

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