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U.S. wins first Baseball World Cup in 33 years
2007-11-18 06:57
by Bob Timmermann

Jayson Nix homered and Jason Jaramillo drove in two more runs as Team USA surprised Cuba and won the Baseball World Cup in Taiwan by a 6-3 score in the championship game.

The last time the U.S. had won the tournament was back in 1974 when the Cubans did not participate. Cuba had won the last 9 World Cups.

Steve Shell got the win in relief as starter Brian Duensing only went 4 2/3 innings. Jeff Stevens picked up the save. Yadel Marti took the loss for Cuba.

Cuba had not lost in the championship game of this tournament since 1941.

2007-11-18 07:59:58
1.   Sam DC
Do you believe in . . . reasonably positive world sports events?
2007-11-18 08:25:54
2.   Gen3Blue
2 While Laroche didn't drive in any more runs in the last 2 games he seemed to be on base plenty, and I saw in the semis he was ibb'ed to load the bases. Thats respect. I haven't found anywhere with player stats for the tournament.
2007-11-18 08:28:46
3.   Woden325
Hey, Jayson Nix is a guy I've seen play! He's a Colorado Springs Sky Sox (sock?).
2007-11-18 09:22:20
4.   Bob Timmermann
Here is a link to the boxscore, which has some formatting issues:

2007-11-18 09:57:44
5.   ToyCannon
Your box score suggests the following did not happen.
"The United States padded its lead in the seventh. Evan Longoria (Rays) hit a leadoff single and Dodgers prospect Delwyn Young doubled to the warning track in right field. Ruggiano followed with a bloop single to center fielder that scored Longoria, but Young was thrown out at the plate."

I'll wait until the official box score comes out before I update my final numbers.

2007-11-18 10:03:05
6.   Bob Timmermann
I am not the guy who entered the boxscore on the IBAF website.

You can go back and watch the video of the game.

2007-11-18 10:04:11
7.   Bob Timmermann
One of the players listed in the boxscore for the U.S. is actually an Italian player.
2007-11-18 10:05:16
8.   ToyCannon
I know, just saying it was strange to see D Young hit a double and then not be found in the box score.

For the video feed of the World Cup games.

2007-11-18 15:37:11
9.   Gagne55
Alright. Now if the US could win in the World Baseball Classic (next one isn't till 2009)...

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