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Castillo stays in New York, Glavine leaves New York
2007-11-18 21:52
by Bob Timmermann

Luis Castillo has resigned with the Mets for four years and $25 million. The deal is contingent upon Castillo passing a physical.

Tom Glavine is headed back to Atlanta with a 1-year deal worth $8 million.

2007-11-18 23:17:11
1.   Eric Stephen
The Mets also get a 1st rounder (#18) from the Braves for Glavine signing before the deadline to offer arbitration. The pick could change if the Braves sign another free agent rated higher than Glavine (79.327 out of 100 per Elias), but it's unlikely the budget-conscious Braves would sign a higher ranked (and thus more expensive) player.

Why did the Braves sign Glavine now? Wasn't it a no-brainer that he was coming back anyway? Couldn't they have waited until after December 1 to see if the Mets didn't offer him arbitration? Glavine made $13m in 2007, so he would have cost the Mets at least $10.4m in 2008 (a 20% cut) if he accepted their arbitration offer, so it's plausible that they wouldn't offer him arbitration.

I'm still bitter that the Astros pulled the same thing last year, benefiting the Padres by signing Woody Williams when it was clear he wasn't coming back to San Diego.

2007-11-19 00:22:18
2.   Strike4
There's not many words like resigned that means something as well as its near inverse.
2007-11-19 01:04:30
3.   joejoejoe
2 Imagine learning the meanings of 'resigned' in English as a second-language? It must be almost impossible to grasp. I barely understand and it's my first language.
2007-11-19 05:39:48
4.   mehmattski
Mike Greenberg always likes to tell the story of how Mike Golic announced that former Secretary of State Colin Powell stepped down:

Golic: Huh, look at this, it says that Colin Powell has re-signed.
Greenberg: Re-signed? Do you mean resigned?
Golic: I... don't know.

Ah, sports journalists. Assuming everybody is a free agent in the signing period of life.

2007-11-19 06:07:56
5.   Sam DC
2 "Sanction" means two opposite things.
2007-11-19 07:18:30
6.   screwballin
When "signed again" is meant, it should always be hyphenated. But a lot of people ignore that rule.

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