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Texas is Bradley's newest home
2007-12-09 09:00
by Bob Timmermann

The Texas Rangers have reached a preliminary agreement on a 1-year, $5 million contract with free agent outfielder Milton Bradley, according to an AP report.

Texas will be Bradley's sixth stop after playing in Montreal, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Diego. Bradley will DH and play the outfield after his injured knee allows it.

Bradley's end in San Diego was legendary.

2007-12-09 09:21:08
1.   Vishal
in a way, i feel bad for the guy.
2007-12-09 09:32:25
2.   MC Safety
Good luck, Milton. Very glad hes not going back to the Pads.
2007-12-09 10:06:59
3.   therickdaddy
Good riddance. The only thing I feel bad about is that he was ever a Dodger.
2007-12-09 10:09:30
4.   KG16
Bradley strikes me as one of those guys that everyone is going to look back on one day and say, "what if..."
2007-12-09 10:37:30
5.   Vishal
3 i absolutely don't feel bad about it. not one bit.
2007-12-09 10:50:56
6.   therickdaddy
4 - "what if..." what, though? What if he was't injured all the time? What if he didn't have a temper? What if he took more responsibility rather than blaming everyone else? Even if all that was gone, I'm not convinced he's that great of a player.

Guys like Mike Tyson I feel there's a "what if..." for. The guys with superstar talent that could never get it straight.

2007-12-09 11:21:36
7.   68elcamino427
This has the makings of a hot, hot, explosive summer in Texas.
2007-12-09 11:36:14
8.   JL25and3
7 Ah, they got nothin' on the Nationals. Lastings Milledge and Elijah Dukes? Yowzah!
2007-12-09 12:26:36
9.   Philip Michaels
8 Then mark your calendar for June 20.

Rangers! Nats! Bradley! Milledge! Dukes!

We'll sell you the whole seat, but you're only going need the edge.

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