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Nats pick up heart, soul, anima, superego, and archetype
2007-12-10 11:56
by Bob Timmermann
2007-12-10 12:13:01
1.   Sam DC
Apparently, he's already asked for a locker next to Lastings Milledge.

Someone better explain to Milledge about the trash can . . .

2007-12-10 12:29:52
2.   underdog
That's going to be an interesting team dynamic next year, hoo boy.
2007-12-10 14:25:27
3.   paranoidandroid
Yeah, Lo Duca will get a pay day. I'm sure he's hoping for a July trade to a contender. So are the Nats.
2007-12-10 14:30:54
4.   Eric Enders
Even better, I hope Lo Duca's locker ends up being between Milledge's and Dukes's.
2007-12-10 15:18:20
5.   therickdaddy
What in the world? Why such negativity from Dodger fans over Lo Duca?!
2007-12-10 15:38:34
6.   Eric Stephen
Most of it is the natural backlash after the downfall of Paul DePodesta was hastened by his trade of favorite LoDuca, even though the trade made the team better.

I liked LoDuca, but I grew tired of hearing the overwhelming praise given him by Plaschke and his ilk. Turns out LoDuca can't walk on water after all.

2007-12-10 15:58:19
7.   therickdaddy
Wow, really? Are we THAT stuck on DePodesta? Lo Duca was his own person and loved playing in Los Angeles. I think he deserved that praise. We have plenty of people that played in Dodger Blue to disparage besides one of the good guys.
2007-12-10 16:26:58
8.   Eric Stephen
Not so much stuck on DePodesta but rather annoyed by the annointing of LoDuca as something greater than he is/was (think smaller scale Jeter) after the fact of The Trade™.

I liked LoDuca when he was a Dodger, but am now ecstatic that we have Russell Martin, who is every bit the player (and more) LoDuca was thought to be.

2007-12-10 17:25:04
9.   therickdaddy
Having Martin now doesn't take away from Lo Duca's talent, though. I'm just trying to separate the trade from the player.
2007-12-10 20:22:15
10.   68elcamino427
Paul developed his batter's eye by hitting pinto beans in his front yard as a lad.
2007-12-10 21:18:04
11.   das411 now the Phillies have to pick a fight with PLD while he has that gang of, uh, fine upstanding young men like Dukes and Lastings and steak_grows_on to back him up? Not cool....

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