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Pettitte fesses up
2007-12-15 14:44
by Bob Timmermann

According to an AP report, Andy Pettitte has acknowledged that he did indeed use HGH in the past, but he says it was only on two occassions back in 2002.

"If what I did was an error in judgment on my part, I apologize," Pettitte said Saturday in a statement released by his agent. "I accept responsibility for those two days."


2007-12-15 16:18:10
1.   68elcamino427
Yes, yes, yes ... but did Andy inhale?
2007-12-15 17:05:56
2.   trainwreck
He is claiming he did HGH for two days.


That would do absolutely no good. I hate the stupid excuses that players have used more than I hate the fact that they took these drugs.

2007-12-15 18:54:12
3.   RIYank
I'm not an expert, so I'll take 2 your word for it that it would do absolutely no good. But why do we think that it actually did do Pettitte any good?

Pettitte's mea culpa is consistent with the Mitchell Report, so I'll believe it until and unless there's some evidence to the contrary.

2007-12-15 19:37:45
4.   68elcamino427
Hey Roger, that is good stuff! Pass that back over here to me ok?
2007-12-16 09:44:36
5.   Vishal
so does this just lend credibility to the other accusations made by the report? especially those about clemens?

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