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Day 7 of the Long March: Champs Sports, Texas, and Emerald Bowl open chat
2007-12-28 13:00
by Bob Timmermann

A tripleheader of bowls although one game will likely be seen by few people since it will be shown on the NFL Network only. And CBS and NBC aren't going to show it either.

The action gets underway at 2 pm PT at the Champs Sports Bowl from Orlando, the first of two bowl games from there this week. #14 Boston College (10-3) faces unranked Michigan State (7-5).

When it comes to bowl games, BC is on a roll winning their last seven (Utah won its seven straight last week in the Poinsettia Bowl). The Eagles have played in 18 bowls and have gone 12-6. BC's bowl winning streak has not been in the biggest series of games however: Aloha, Music City, Motor City, San Francisco, Continental Tire, MPC Computers, and Meineke Car Care.

The Spartans are playing their 18th bowl game and have gone 7-10 in the previous ones. They have not played in a bowl game since losing to Nebraska 17-3 in the 2003 Alamo Bowl. Their last win was in the 2001 Silicon Valley Football Classic over Fresno State.

BC and Michigan State have met five times with BC winning three times, Michigan State once, and one tie. They last played each other in 1995 in East Lansing and Michigan State won 25-21.

Michigan State will be the second Big Ten team to play a bowl game. Purdue beat Central Michigan 51-48 in the Motor City Bowl. BC will be the first ACC team to play in a bowl this year.


Then at 5 pm PT, if you are among the blessed to have the NFL Network, you can choose to watch the Texas Bowl, played in Houston. And the game will definitely be Texan in nature as TCU will be playing Houston.

The Horned Frogs were 7-5 this season and Houston was 8-4 and its head coach, Art Briles, quit to go coach at Baylor, the worst team in the Big XII.

It is the 17th bowl game for the Cougars, who at one time in their past were national title contenders. But that's only if you can remember Bill Yeoman. The Cougars have lost their last seven bowl appearances and have not won a bowl since beating Navy 35-0 in the 1980 Garden State Bowl.

The Horned Frogs are in their 23rd bowl game and are 9-13-1 in previous bowls. TCU beat Iowa State in this bowl game in 2005 when it was called the Houston Bowl. TCU's most memorable bowl victory has to be its 3-2 win over LSU in the 1936 Sugar Bowl.

TCU and Houston have played each other 24 times and Houston has won 13 of the meetings, but TCU has won the last seven.

TCU, of the Mountain West, will try to maintain the conference's perfect record in bowls. Utah, BYU, and New Mexico have all won their games. Houston plays in Conference USA which is 1-2 in bowls with East Carolina winning and Memphis and Southern Mississippi losing.

And to finish off the day, there is the Emerald Bowl from San Francisco at 5:30 pm PT featuring Maryland (6-6) and Oregon State (8-4).

The Terrapins are appearing in their 22nd bowl and have won 9, lost 10, and tied 2. They have won their last three bowl games.

Oregon State is in its 11th bowl game and is 6-4 in previous ones and has also won its last three bowl games.

The Beavers and Terrapins have never met before in football. OSU has faced only one ACC team ever and that was Duke in the 1942 Rose Bowl, which was moved to Durham because of wartime concerns (Oregon State won the game, 20-16, its only Rose Bowl win). Maryland has played against the Pac-10 just three times, splitting games against UCLA in 1954 and 1955 and losing to Washington in the 1982 Aloha Bowl.

Pac-10 teams have lost their first two bowl games with UCLA losing to BYU 17-16 in the Las Vegas Bowl and Texas pounding Arizona State 52-34 in the Holiday Bowl.



2007-12-28 13:46:46
1.   standuptriple
Let me just tell you, there are a ton of Beaver fans in SF for this. Bless their souls, they look so innocent walking the streets. I almost want to give them the "Wallet Inspector" treatment.
2007-12-28 17:36:56
2.   ABreck
It seems so lonely with only one comment. Well Bob, I don't have ESPN, much less the NFL Network, so the Bowl Season passes me by.

As time winds down, now is the time to revel in the Big Ten having a winning Bowl record!

2007-12-28 17:40:08
3.   Bob Timmermann
The Big Ten now is 1-1 in bowl games after Michigan State lost to BC, 24-21.
2007-12-28 20:01:39
4.   ABreck
I knew I only had a little time left...

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