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Day 9 of the Long March: Independence Bowl chat
2007-12-30 17:00
by Bob Timmermann

Oh come on, you are going to be watching this game? A pair of 6-6 teams, Alabama and Colorado duking it out in scenic Shreveport.

Here is a brief clip from the greatest Independence Bowl ever, back in 2000:

But if you choose to watch tonight, you can go root on Nick Saban, college football's most beloved coach and his Crimson Tide, or perhaps see if Dan Hawkins can avoid starting out at CU with back-to-back losing seasons.

Alabama will be playing in its 55th bowl game and is 30-21-3 in earlier appearances. The Crimson Tide lost to Oklahoma State in last year's Independence Bowl, 34-31. They beat Iowa State, 14-13, in the 2001 Independence Bowl.

Colorado is appearing in its 28th bowl and is 12-15 in earlier games.

Alabama and Colorado have played each other twice in their history, both times in bowl games. The Buffaloes beat the Crimson Tide 47-33 in the 1969 Liberty Bowl and Alabama beat CU, 30-25, in the 1991 Blockbuster Bowl.

2007-12-30 17:12:31
1.   Linkmeister
Hmm. Decisions, decisions. Watch this, watch Titans-Colts, or sort my sock drawer.
2007-12-30 17:13:18
2.   Linkmeister
I do think it was Mr. Shreve who began the custom of naming rooms aboard ships "staterooms," so the location has history going for it.
2007-12-30 18:16:09
3.   Jike Spingleton
Greatest Independence Bowl ever?

It'd be tough to top that Iowa State-Miami (Ohio) tilt back in 2004.

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