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Day 13 of the Long March: Orange Bowl chat
2008-01-03 15:30
by Bob Timmermann

Only four days more to go with the march! Just hold on. It'll be over soon enough.

Tonight is the Orange Bowl from Miami at 5:15 pm PT (or thereabouts). This game matches #5 Virginia Tech (11-2), the ACC Champion, and #8 Kansas (11-1), who didn't even win its own division in the Big XII.

Virginia Tech lost to LSU 48-7 and to Boston College 14-10, but then beat the Eagles in the ACC championship game to earn a trip to the Orange Bowl. Kansas went 11-0 and then lost to archrival Missouri 36-28 and ended up in the BCS more or less by default as bowls don't like to invite teams that lost their conference championship game.

The Hokies are 7-13 in bowl games and lost their only trip to the Orange Bowl back on New Year's Ever 1996 to Nebraska 41-21. Their last BCS appearance was in the 2005 Sugar Bowl, a 16-13 loss to Auburn.

Kansas is 4-6 in bowl games. The Jayhawks have played in the Orange Bowl twice and lost each time. Kansas lost to Georgia Tech in 1948, 20-14, and to Penn State, 15-14, in 1969.

This will be the first meeting between Kansas and Virginia Tech.

With this being the Orange Bowl, you are guaranteed a long halftime show that will likely be overdone.

The Big XII is 4-3 in bowl games this year. The ACC is 2-5.

2008-01-03 16:33:16
1.   old dodger fan
The ACC is 1-8 in BCS games. Ironically the only time an ACC team won a BCS game was in 2000 when FSU beat Va Tech (then a member of the Big East).

Current ACC member Miami won a BCS game (over FSU) but they were in the Big East then as well.

2008-01-03 18:01:27
2.   Eric Enders
I really would like Kansas to win this and have the most legitimate claim to the national championship. But I don't care enough to actually watch the game.
2008-01-03 19:41:56
3.   Kevin Lewis
this game has been fantastic. Someone else must be watching this!
2008-01-03 19:56:06
4.   Indiana Jon
It has been a hell of a game. We might be the only two though.
2008-01-03 19:58:22
5.   Hallux Valgus
I'm watching. I'm a Big 12 guy (Colorado '00), and I love Kansas. They simply do not make mistakes. I've got a pile of Mangino jokes, and I just can't make them any more, because this team is just so well coached... and there's a 15 yard penalty. thanks, jerks.
2008-01-03 20:23:21
6.   Hallux Valgus
I honestly don't think it's been a great game. It's just been competitive, which we haven't been able to say about any other BCS game so far. VT has been especially sloppy, and KU's offense has been slogged down as if in the muck.
2008-01-03 20:35:22
7.   Bob Timmermann
VT having a field goal blocked and another returned 40 yards is a severe case of petard self-hoisting.
2008-01-03 21:12:10
8.   Kevin Lewis
Why does the FSN Prime HD signal go out so much?
2008-01-03 21:28:00
9.   Bob Timmermann
The under wins!

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