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If this is Saturday
2008-01-11 21:03
by Bob Timmermann
Then I must be in Munich. Actually I got here Friday, but my body is still quizzing me on the day. I am composing via Blackberry in my hotel room.

Soon enough I can get breakfast and a head start on sightseeing before weather and jet lag conspire to keep me inside.

Weird dreams visited me last night during my various stretches of sleep. People whom I knew only in passing from high school showed up. Perhaps my subconscious had them on a waiting list to appear in one of my dreams.

I have learned what's on much of German TV in the middle of the night. Aside from a vast array of porn channels, there was Larry King. Larry was my jet lag friend in Germany the last time I was here. In 1994, he was interviewing Bill Cosby. Today, it was Suzanne Somers, but Mitt Romney will be the guest Monday. Poor Mitt.

I know people have remedies to get over jet lag, but I find the best solution is sleeping when you're tired. It has a certain simplicity to it. And I think that after today, the worst will be over. But now, I must go venture out in to the land of wurst.

2008-01-11 21:33:32
1.   Bluebleeder87
how is the weather out there Bob? It's early Jan. So I'm thinking it's pretty cold out there.
2008-01-11 22:44:14
2.   Bob Timmermann
It's in the 30-40 range. It isn't that bad. There may be a little rain today, but I should be inside most of the time.
2008-01-12 09:29:53
3.   mintxcore
are you going to see any football matches while you're there?

last time i was in europe, i had a bunch of really weird dreams featuring people i hadnt thought about for years.

2008-01-12 10:03:37
4.   Indiana Jon
Don't forget to have a Hefeweizen for all of us stuck here in the states, or two or three.
2008-01-12 10:43:37
5.   Linkmeister
Stupid Ugly American that I was, when I was in Munich I desperately wanted a hamburger and went into a Wendy's. Somehow I ended up with a bowl of chili instead (which, wet and rainy as that afternoon was, hit the spot).
2008-01-12 11:42:47
6.   trainwreck
I am going to go out on a limb and guess Bob is not watching Wazzu vs UCLA.
2008-01-12 19:51:19
7.   Bluebleeder87

From everything I've ever read, I think Bob says no to beer.

2008-01-13 10:58:08
8.   Indiana Jon
7 Then why go to Germany?
2008-01-14 13:46:48
9.   El Lay Dave
8 "the vast array of porn channels" ?

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