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Johnny Podres, 1932-2008
2008-01-14 04:33
by Bob Timmermann
Johnny Podres, whose long career as a major league pitcher and pitching coach will be forever overshadowed by his win over the Yankees in Game 7 of the World Series that gave the Brooklyn Dodgers the borough's only championship, died Sunday in Glens Falls, NY at age 75.
2008-01-14 05:31:11
1.   Dave60
I'd recently found myself wondering about Johnny Podres, hoping that he was still enjoying the lingering glow from 1955. I love the statues of he and Campanella on the grounds of the Hall of Fame, Podres throwing to Campy in the famous seventh game. Those statues felt more sacred to me than anything inside the building.

Podres was also my first exposure to the term "southpaw". I remember once giving great mirth to others over my juvenile attempts to rationalize the meaning of the word, which I probably ascribed more to place of origin than handedness.

I'm sorry he's gone.

2008-01-14 13:31:43
2.   Strike4
Wow, he was only 22 when he beat the Yankees. Game 7 of the World Series on the line, and Brooklyn hands the ball to the kid.
2008-01-14 22:54:59
3.   Bob Timmermann
Actually it was Podres birthday when he pitched Game 7.
2008-01-15 05:20:45
4.   Yankee Fan In Boston
here's a great clip:

1 those statues are great. i'm looking forward to the buck o'neil statue they'll be adding, albeit too little, too late.

while mr. podres' passing is sad, it sounds like he was having a really rough go of things lately. he'll be missed, but he'll also be remembered for generations. not too many of us can ever achieve that.

2008-01-15 13:42:22
5.   Eric Enders
I think Bob means it was Podres' birthday when he pitched Game Three.
2008-01-15 15:04:31
6.   The Mick 536
Always stand behind Campy and call the pitch when I visit the hall. My favorite baseball statue.

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