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But will Pedro make anyone happy?
2008-01-28 19:26
by Bob Timmermann

As most of you know, Pedro Feliz is now a Phillie, signing for 2 years and $8.5 million total.

Are Giants fans sad to see him go? Judge for yourself from the San Francisco Chronicle site.

On the Philadelphia side, Beerleaguer says:

Just your token, impulsive, late-winter reach. Two years is too many, and unnecessary. The strange part is I honestly don't know whether Feliz, at $4.25 million, improves the club over what they already had. A slight improvement, maybe? He's like the electric shaver hanging on the rack by the checkout line. You're getting impatient and it looks better with every passing minute. It might be useful, you reason, but is it worth it? Will it give you a better shave than the non-electric disposable in your medicine cabinet? Too late. The checkout girl already beeped you through.

"That'll be $8.5 million. Debit or credit?"

Thanks to Martin Hoyt for the Bay Area pointer.

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