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Numero Uno
2008-02-12 21:49
by Bob Timmermann

We will soon return you to your regular baseball content.

2008-02-12 22:03:10
1.   Cliff Corcoran
Nice to see an Aussie in the final group.
2008-02-12 22:16:11
2.   Greg Brock
There's a Darwin joke here somewhere. Can't find it.

Wait...The beagle was the natural selection...No that's not funny.

I give up.

2008-02-12 23:17:07
3.   El Lay Dave
"the name you're about to hear ... will be a household name."

The official and PA announcements are only of the breed.

Those dog agility contests I understand and they are kinda fun to watch. This show stuff I don't get.

2 A valiant effort, though. There IS something there, but it won't quite form, will it?

2008-02-12 23:19:12
4.   Eric Enders
I tried to show this clip to my beagle. He looked at it for like two seconds, then went back to sleep.

Which was my reaction too, actually.

2008-02-12 23:45:33
5.   Bob Timmermann
Each breed has a standard. The best dogs most closely match up to the standard in the opinion of the judge.

You go from Best in Breed (for example, 15 inch beagles) to Best in Group (hounds) to Best in Show (hounds vs toys vs working dogs etc.)

I believe each step is judged by just one person.

It's a weird mix of objectivity and subjectivity.

2008-02-12 23:52:38
6.   ToyCannon
Twas a funny movie by those folks who make funny movies.
2008-02-13 00:12:49
7.   El Lay Dave
3 My post was poorly worded. I meant to write that I didn't understand the appeal of showing dogs, but that the agility contests are interesting.
2008-02-13 03:19:51
8.   JL25and3
Too bad Charles Schulz isn't around anymore. Snoopy would have had a field day with this.
2008-02-13 06:10:15
9.   110phil
What dimension of the beagle is fifteen inches? Does it have to be EXACTLY fifteen inches? Serious question, not a penis joke.
2008-02-13 06:16:15
10.   DXMachina
A spokesman for the beagle had this to say:

"!!!!! !! !!!!!!!! !!! !!!!!"

2008-02-13 07:02:23
11.   Bob Timmermann
The dimension is height and I think they just measure from the leg to the top of one of the shoulders.
2008-02-13 07:10:47
12.   Sam DC
The Wash Post covered ths in style, not sports.

For shame.

2008-02-13 07:27:52
13.   Bob Timmermann
But the WKC is one of America's oldest sporting events.

That's what they say!

The LA Times put the story in National.

2008-02-13 07:28:50
14.   Bob Timmermann
ESPN covered Westminster.

However, ESPN also covers the National Spelling Bee.

2008-02-13 07:31:12
15.   rbj
I feel sorry for the poodle. No dog deserves to look that ridiculous.
2008-02-13 07:38:50
16.   BruceR
Has the beagle run away yet? BTW, was that dog that ran away a couple of years ago ever found?
2008-02-13 07:39:33
17.   The Mootz
14 ESPN has also covered Scrabble tournaments.

No word yet if they will broadcast an UNO championship.

2008-02-13 07:40:13
18.   Bob Timmermann
I believe the runaway dog was never found. It wasn't a Best in Show however.

Most likely the beagle will just bark a lot. And if he's like my brother's beagle, he will insist on being rubbed on his stomach.

2008-02-13 08:22:28
19.   JL25and3
9 , 11 There are apparently two distinct types of beagles. They're known as "13-inch beagles" and "15-inch beagles."
2008-02-13 10:37:34
20.   GoBears
My beagle, Noogie, is strutting. We just returned from a long walk, and all the ladies in the neighborhood were cheering for her. She pretends to disdain show dogs as sellouts, but I'm pretty sure she's proud. And sleepy.

If I ever open a pub, it will be called The Sleepy Beagle.

2008-02-13 10:57:10
21.   bobsbrother
It's a St. Louis-area dog! From Belleville! We're so proud.
2008-02-13 13:12:55
22.   El Lay Dave
One of my dogs is named Uno, but he is a Jack Russell Terrier (I think - rescued stray). None of mine are show dogs, good pets though.

20 There is an obvious logo for your pub involving a doghouse roof.

2008-02-13 13:18:49
23.   Bob Timmermann
There is an obvious logo for your pub involving a doghouse roof.

Which would soon be followed by the Mother of all Trademark Infringement Suits.

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