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Inge, M.D.
2008-02-15 20:13
by Bob Timmermann

One of the stories coming out of Lakeland and the Detroit Tigers spring training is: will Brandon Inge be unhappy because Miguel Cabrera was acquired to take over his job at third base?

For most teams, this is a problem they wouldn't mind having. Or maybe it's not a problem at all. Maybe the Tigers are just giving the job to a far superior player.

Whatever it is, Inge is not going to make trouble, he says. But if this quote from the AP is correct, Inge may need to make a trip to the doctor:

“As far as right now, I am with the Detroit Tigers,” Inge said Friday. “I just want to play every single day. I love this organization and the Detroit Tigers are in my blood, but there’s not a starting role for me. I will never be a cancer around this team and I don’t plan to be a distraction.”

So, I guess having Tigers in your blood is not a cancerous condition. But it still seems dangerous to me. An extensive search of medical databases has turned up what the disease really is.


2008-02-16 07:47:47
1.   scareduck
2008-02-16 11:08:47
2.   68elcamino427
Thanks Dr. Inge, what a great relief this must be for Mr. Leyland.

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