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The Mitchell 85
2008-02-17 11:16
by Bob Timmermann

With spring training starting and in the wake of the Roger Clemens/Brian McNamee hearings, I thought it would be time to check to see how the 85 players named in the Mitchell Report reacted to being named in the report.

My search would not be called exhaustive. It would be called tedious. An exhaustive search would be twice as tedious, but it's a holiday weekend. Besides, I lost Kirk Radomski's phone number.

In many cases, the reaction is "none" which is either "I couldn't find anything specific or the player refused comment."

Player Name Reaction since report
Armando Rios None
Marvin Benard None
Barry Bonds It's complicated
Bobby Estalella Already said he used PEDs in grand jury testimony
Jason Giambi Already said he used PEDs in grand jury testimony
Jeremy Giambi Admitted use
Benito Santiago None
Gary Sheffield Already said he used PEDs, but unknowingly
Randy Velarde Admitted use of PEDs according to his attorney
Lenny Dykstra None
David Segui Confesses about once a week
Larry Bigbie Cooperative witness and has implicated several players
Brian Roberts Admitted use
Jack Cust Denied use
Tim Laker Admitted use in report
Josias Manzanillo Admitted purchasing steroids, but not using them
Todd Hundley None
Mark Carreon Admitted use to Arizona Star
Hal Morris Denied use
Matt Franco None
Roger Clemens I believe someone misremembered
Andy Pettitte Admitted use
Chuck Knoblauch Admitted that Mitchell Report was correct regarding him
Jason Grimsley Named lots of names
Gregg Zaun Denied use, said check to Grimsley was for something else
David Justice Denied use
F.P. Santangelo Admitted use
Glenallen Hill Admitted use
Mo Vaughn None
Denny Neagle None
Ron Villone Said report contained "inaccuracies"
Ryan Franklin None, but was suspended for use in 2005
Chris Donnels None
Phil Hiatt None
Kevin Young None
Mike Lansing None
Cody McKay None
Kent Mercker Admitted use
Adam Piatt Admitted use
Miguel Tejada "No comment", but Feds may be investigating
Jason Christiansen None
Mike Stanton None
Stephen Randolph Refused to admit or deny use
Jerry Hairston Denied use before report was issued
Paul Lo Duca Apologized without giving specifics
Adam Riggs Says he has passed all drug tests in Japan, denied use
Bart Miadich None
Fernando Vina Admitted to HGH use, but not steroids
Kevin Brown None
Eric Gagne Apologized, but did not admit use
Mike Bell Admitted use in Mitchell Report
Matt Herges Apologized and admitted use
Gary Bennett Admitted use
Jim Parque Denied use
Brendan Donnelly Denied use
Chad Allen Admitted use in Mitchell Report
Nook Logan None
Jeff Williams None
Howie Clark None
Mike Judd None
Ricky Stone None
Derrick Turnbow Already suspended from international competition in 2003
Wally Joyner Admitted use
Rafael Palmeiro Already suspended for positive test in 2005
Paxton Crawford Admitted use before report was issued
Ryan Jorgenson Suspended in 2007 for failing drug test
Ricky Bones Admitted use to treat degenerative hip condition
Ken Caminiti Deceased; Admitted use in 2002 SI article
Rick Ankiel Said he had prescription for HGH
David Bell None
Paul Byrd Said he had prescription for HGH
Jose Canseco Has admitted use. A lot.
Jay Gibbons Admitted use after suspension in December
Troy Glaus Kind of, sort of, maybe admitting using HGH
Jose Guillen Suspended for beginning of 2008 season
Darren Holmes Bought PEDs, but did not use them
John Rocker Admitted use
Scott Schoenweis Denied use as positive test was result of cancer treatments
Ismael Valdez None
Matt Williams Admitted use before Mitchell Report came out
Steve Woodard None
Dan Naulty Admitted use in Mitchell Report
Rondell White None
Todd Williams None
Todd Pratt None

I checked in a lot of places online, but the bulk of the info came from the summary and this article from (which actually focuses on the Yankees, not the Giants.) If you know of any errors or information on any other player who has spoken on the record one way or the other about the Mitchell Report, I will make the change.

2008-02-18 14:00:22
1.   scareduck
2008-02-18 14:23:37
2.   Bob Timmermann
That's a helpful comment.
2008-02-18 19:44:56
3.   Gen3Blue
Gagne? I know--thats not helpful either.
I have gotten neurotic between the spelling of either-ethier-damn.
2008-02-19 08:19:40
4.   Jen
Didn't Jeremy Giambi also admit to using PEDs?

2008-02-19 12:52:43
5.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks, I'll make the change.

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