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ESPN Sunday Night games
2008-03-05 18:40
by Bob Timmermann

Via Awful Announcing is the schedule for the first half of the ESPN Sunday Night baseball schedule. And yes, Joe Morgan is back! And trust me, he's right. And he knows more than you.

March 30- Atlanta at Washington
April 6- Chicago White Sox at Detroit (ESPN2, ESPN2 HD)
April 13- New York Yankees at Boston
April 20- New York Mets at Philadelphia
April 27- Los Angeles Angels at Detroit
May 4- Chicago Cubs at St. Louis
May 11- Boston at Minnesota
May 18- New York Mets at New York Yankees
May 25- Los Angeles Angels at Chicago White Sox
June 1 - July 6- TBD
July 13- Colorado at New York Mets
July 20- Boston at Los Angeles Angels (3 p.m. PT)

Does anybody remember who won the NL West last year? I think it was a team from Arizona. Are they making an appearance? I guess the jury is still out on them. The Braves-Nats game is something of an outlier as it the only game without New York, Los Angeles, Boston, or Chicago involved.

What was the name of that team that won the AL Central? Wait, I'll think of it...

June 15 isn't scheduled but the Marlins are playing the Rays that day. I think the Rays should offer that as a night game. The Marlins wouldn't mind flying to their next game, at Seattle, right after that would they?

2008-03-05 19:29:25
1.   Suffering Bruin
They're not even pretending anymore.
2008-03-05 19:47:05
2.   Sac Town Dodger Fan
The World Wide Leader still hasn't aired an episode of Baseball Tonight 2.5 weeks into Spring Training, but have aired the talking heads of NFL Live breaking down a season that starts in 6 months. It makes me sick!
2008-03-05 21:57:12
3.   underdog
The Angels three times and the Dodgers zero? Ouch.

Ah well, I hate Joe Morgan and thus shouldn't feel too cheated.

2008-03-05 22:08:23
4.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Hey bob, a international tournement is comming in just a few days in Taiwan. the olympics qualifier wild card round.

8 teams vie for the last 3 spots in the Beijing Olympics baseball. possibly the last time baseball will be played in the olympics. favoriest seem to be Mexico / Korea / Canada / Taiwan duking out for the 3 spots.

Japan has already qualifed in the asian qualifer.

2008-03-05 22:46:46
5.   Bob Timmermann
Check the thread below this one.
2008-03-06 08:37:27
6.   ToyCannon
Since I get to see plenty of the West coast teams via the Dodgers and Angels I like seeing plenty of East Coast baseball on Sunday Night ESPN.

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