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Day 5 of Olympic Qualifying
2008-03-12 07:00
by Bob Timmermann

After one day off, the Olympic qualifying tournament in Taiwan resumed:

  • Canada showed no mercy on Spain and won in 6 1/2 innings, 11-0.
  • Korea had no mercy on the Germans and won 12-1.
  • Taiwan got a crucial win against Australia, 5-0.
  • Mexico stayed alive in the tournament with a 5-0 win over South Africa.

Korea has clinched a spot in the 2008 Olympics with their 5-0 record. The next two spots seem to be ready for Canada and Taiwan, who are both 4-1. Germany, Australia, and Mexico are 2-3. Spain (1-4) and South Africa (0-5) are just playing out the string.

Taiwan's next game is against South Africa, so with the expected win in that game, Taiwan will wrap up a spot in the Olympics. Canada plays Korea in its next game, but finishes with Germany. A 5-2 record for both Taiwan and Canada will get them a ticket to Beijing.

If there is a tie, the first tiebreaker is head-to-head record and then runs allowed.


2008-03-12 18:13:11
1.   Yu-Hsing Chen

it was a very gutsy performance on Taiwan's part as the team ace Jian-Fu Yang tossed a 111 pitch 5 hit 6K complete game shutout on 3 days rest.

4 of the 5 runs came in the second as Taiwan strung 5 hits together before the Aussie starter settled down. they tagged on the other run in the 7th (i think) when the Aus brought in a 19 year old (nasty changeup artist) and capitalized on the pretty apparently nerveous kid (he nearly balked after letting a guy on but going into the windup and then remembering that a guy is on.) and then stealing second (the first baseman... clearly so it's not like he had blazing speed. just that he took advantage of the inexperienced youth) that the catcher threw the ball away and reached 3rd. then scored on a wild pitch

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