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Weeks scores run in 17th straight game, one shy of record
2008-04-04 14:28
by Bob Timmermann

Although it's over two seasons, Rickie Weeks of the Brewers is one short of the major league record for consecutive games with a run scored. Weeks scored a run in the last 13 games of last season and has scored a run in all four of the Brewers game this season.

Weeks scored three times, including a run in the first, in the Brewers 13-4 romp over the Giants in the Milwaukee home opener.

Next in line for Weeks is the major league mark of 18 games held by Kenny Lofton (from August 18, 2000 through September 4, 2000 for Cleveland) and Red Rolfe (from August 9-25, 1939 for the Yankees, a streak that included doubleheaders.)

Then there are sticklers like me who say the REAL record is 24 games by Billy Hamilton of the Phillies from July 6-August 2, 1894. Hamilton scored 192 runs in 129 games that season. His team scored 1143 runs that season and finished in fourth place. The Boston Braves set a major league record with 1220 runs scored that season and finished in second.

2008-04-04 15:23:47
1.   Eric Stephen
Weeks is on my fantasy team, but due to a quirk in our stat service, HBP are not counted in OBP (the 5 offensive categories are SLG, OBP, R, RBI, SB). So his penchant for being a ball magnet will not help me, unless of course it leads to more runs.

I remember being shocked at Jim Thome's 17-game run streak, in his first 17 games with the White Sox in 2006.

2008-04-05 09:59:23
2.   treant985
I also noticed that many articles are saying that Weeks is just one game short of "the major league record." I sent a list of top streaks of consec. games with a run to the Brewers, so hopefully they'll use it if Weeks keeps going.

Don't forget that Billy Hamilton actually scored 198 runs in 1894; ICI incorrectly left out the stats from protested games when they compiled the 1890s' stats in the 1960s.

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