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Send not for whom the catcher's interference bell tolls
2008-04-10 21:42
by Bob Timmermann
Unless you're Lyle Overbay of the Blue Jays. Overbay notched the first CI of the season in the seventh inning of tonight's game at Rogers Centre. Kurt Suzuki of Oakland was the guilty party. More details when I get back Saturday.
2008-04-10 22:19:48
1.   Ken Arneson
Suzuki had set up on the outside corner, and the pitch ran in. He had to reach back across his body to catch it, and in doing so moved his glove forward slightly. Overbay was putting an awkward two-strike protective swing on it, and then--dong! The bell tolled.
2008-04-10 22:24:25
2.   Ken Arneson
Also, in the bottom of the sixth, the A's could have had an easy triple play, if Bobby Crosby had been a quick thinker.

Shannon Stewart hit a soft liner to Crosby a few steps from second base. Crosby could have easily let it drop, tagged the runner on second, stepped on the bag, and thrown to first. Instead, he just caught the ball.

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