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They could have played all night, they could have played all day
2008-04-18 00:45
by Bob Timmermann

Colorado - 000 000 000 000 010 000 000 1 - 2 14 1

San Diego - 000 000 000 000 010 000 000 0 - 1 11 2

Box score

UPDATE - 12:45 am - I'm still here...

12:52 am - If you think that one of the pitchers will end it with a home run, the last walkoff homer by a pitcher that I could find was on May 26, 1958 by Murry Dickson of the Kansas City A's against the Baltimore Orioles.

12:56 am - There have been 35 total strikeouts in the game, but the record is 43 by the Angels and Athletics on July 9, 1971.

12:58 am - 36 strikeouts.

1:01 am - Latest home run by innings in NL history is the 22nd inning by Rick Dempsey for the Dodgers in Montreal on August 23, 1989. The latest home run overall is the 25th inning by Harold Baines in the completion of a suspended game for the White Sox against the Brewers on May 9, 1984. The game had started on May 8.

1:11 am - The run by the Rockies has now tied the NL record for most runs scored in a 22nd inning. The Yankees scored 2 runs in the 22nd on June 24, 1962 against the Tigers.

1:22 am - Good night all!


2008-04-18 00:52:20
1.   trainwreck
I guess I will root for the Rockies, because one of my good friends is great friends with Tulowitzki. Plus, this guy I knew in SB, that was a cool guy, was a Rockies fan.

But anyone can convince me not to root for them.

2008-04-18 00:53:47
2.   Underbruin
Wait, so are we moving over here instead?
2008-04-18 00:57:12
3.   Greg Brock
1 Their mascot is a purple dinosaur.
2008-04-18 00:59:20
4.   Bob Timmermann
I am providing value added information!
2008-04-18 01:01:04
5.   Underbruin
4 And it's very much appreciated.

On a side note, at what point does the MLB relax its drug policy to allow the players to get all stimmie'd-up to stay awake? There's gotta be an obscure rule on this one, Bob. I'm counting on you.

2008-04-18 01:02:06
6.   trainwreck
I love triceratops.

Of course, it reminds me of Denver the Last Dinosaur. You know, he is my friend and a whole lot more.

2008-04-18 01:03:10
7.   fanerman
I don't know where I should be posting.
2008-04-18 01:03:28
8.   ibleedbloo
awesome, glad I checked in before bed. keep the updates comin if you can stay awake. are there any bench players left?
2008-04-18 01:04:16
9.   Bob Timmermann
After 1 am, no rules apply.
2008-04-18 01:05:09
10.   ibleedbloo
7 I am stay here, I believe in first come first served
2008-04-18 01:05:46
11.   Underbruin
On a more serious note, what's the worst ever night for a team's pinch hitters? SD's batch are a combined 1-7 with 3 Ks.
2008-04-18 01:07:04
12.   ibleedbloo
p.s. forgive me for spelling mistakes, posting from my phone in bed
2008-04-18 01:08:07
13.   trainwreck
Oh snap!!!!!
2008-04-18 01:09:57
14.   Underbruin
(Copied from the DT thread)

A question for those still here - you've got a pitcher throwing a perfect game. But your team is unable to score any runs. How many innings do you let him go before you pull him, even if he hasn't lost his perfect game?

2008-04-18 01:11:29
15.   berkowit28
Rockies score.
2008-04-18 01:11:50
16.   Martin Hoyt
Rockies lead!
2008-04-18 01:11:57
17.   fanerman
2008-04-18 01:12:07
18.   Underbruin
Oh, and trainwreck - just to respond re: Jerime Anderson, he's got a fair skillset, but he really needs to put on weight. Much too thin at the moment, from what I've heard/seen.
2008-04-18 01:12:59
19.   Underbruin
Wow, talk about a big hit by Tulowitzki.
2008-04-18 01:13:02
20.   berkowit28
Typing those exclamation points held you guys up.
2008-04-18 01:13:05
21.   trainwreck
Oh, snap!!!!!

The Rockies score, from the scrapiness of Taveres.

2008-04-18 01:13:12
22.   ibleedbloo
anyone know the paid attendance for this game? how many are still there?
2008-04-18 01:14:41
23.   Martin Hoyt
20 I was debating word choice (score? lead? go ahead?).
2008-04-18 01:19:59
24.   trainwreck
For point guard? Really?

I think he is fine for his position. I have only see him play like 3 times. I trust a scout that was propagating him for days, so I would love to hear your opinion on him. I am always open to people that have seen a player more than me.

2008-04-18 01:20:28
25.   Underbruin
'Why not to swing early in the count against a bad pitcher - the Josh Bard Story.'
2008-04-18 01:21:46
26.   DeucesAreWild
Where is Rick Camp when you need him?
2008-04-18 01:22:26
27.   berkowit28
2008-04-18 01:22:36
28.   fanerman
That was exciting. I wish it kept going.
2008-04-18 01:22:48
29.   Martin Hoyt
Darn, it's over.
2008-04-18 01:25:15
30.   trainwreck
Gameday sucks!!!!

F''' the delay!

2008-04-18 01:26:17
31.   Underbruin
24 - Unfortunately, I'm not in that group. Seen him twice. =P

But my worry is that he's just not quite physical enough to get a lot of run next season, given how guard-oriented the team is likely to be. He's about 165, I think - for comparison, Westbrook's about 190, at a similar size. He's much more Collison than Westbrook - but the difference is, I think next season's defense is going to require a lot more physicality from PGs, without a true center on the team (I'm expecting some 3 guard lineups).

One thing I wouldn't be too shocked to see is Anderson getting some run with Stanbeck, if the latter can put on a bit of weight and get his defense to where Howland wants it. With Chase's fantastic length, he'd have the ability to help out against bigger guards.

2008-04-18 01:32:26
32.   trainwreck
Oh yeah, Anderson is a point guard only. He cannot play any other position. If we ask him to play out of position, then we are even more screwed than I expect.

I expect an Anderson and Holiday backcourt, with a lot of switching.

Frankly, we are not going to be any good next year. Unless, Jrue is Michael Jordan.

2008-04-18 01:34:40
33.   trainwreck
If Jefferson and Gibson leave, we have a chance to win Pac-10 again.

I love Coach Howland and if he can pull off magic, I will declare him greatest coach ever.

2008-04-18 01:38:04
34.   Underbruin
32 - I think "any good" is a relative term. Not that I should say 'I expect,' but I believe the team as constructed, even losing the Big Three plus Aboya, will have the talent to win 20-ish games, finish in the upper half of the Pac-10, and go back to the tournament with a middling seed. I'd consider that a pretty solid year given the losses I anticipate in personnel.

Jrue will be very good, and I find it difficult to believe Shipp and Luc are really gone - and Mbah a Moute was actually UCLA's best defensive player all season. Excellent performances by Westbrook against OJ Mayo aside, go back and watch more of the tape on him - he gets beaten an awful lot. He's so athletic he can recover, but not before the interior defense collapses a bit, causing some easy inside scores. Check out the Memphis game again - Westbrook does well on Rose, true. But more shocking, while he's guarded by Luc, CDR doesn't get a single good look in the halfcourt (I don't think - it IS 1:40 AM, I could be wrong).

The team will have its issues, but don't be too surprised if this season is very similar to Howland's second year.

2008-04-18 01:45:12
35.   trainwreck
Completely agree. If we can bring back Luc and Aboya it will be huge for our program. If not, I am expecting a year like 2005, but I expect us to get past the first round thanks to Jrue Holiday.

I am drinking the Kool-Aid, but I believe that Jrue is that good. I think he can be first pick in the draft next year.

2008-04-18 01:55:21
36.   Underbruin
35 - Well, I'll cheers to that!

I'm off for the night, but thanks for the UCLA convo at 1:30 AM. Always fun. :)

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