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Maddux takes one for the team
2008-04-18 20:58
by Bob Timmermann

The day after the Padres lost a 22-inning game at home to the Rockies, San Diego traveled to Arizona to start a 3-game set with the Diamondbacks. Greg Maddux made the start for the Padres.

Maddux did not have a great night, surrendering six runs in the first and nine runs overall. Maddux threw 113 pitches in seven innings, the most he has thrown in a game since September 27, 2005, a 5-3 complete game loss to the Pirates and Maddux's last home start of the season for the Cubs. This was Maddux's 715th game and only the 75th time he has hit 113 pitches. (I don't know if pitch count totals on are complete for his career though.)

The nine earned runs surrendered by Maddux was the most in his career. He has given up 10 runs in a game twice, but some of the runs were unearned. Maddux also gave up 13 hits, one fewer than his career worst, which came back on May 15, 1999.

Arizona won the game 9-0 and the Padres had just three hits. Cla Meredith pitched the eighth inning for the Padres.

2008-04-18 21:15:19
1.   Eric Stephen
"Take one for the team" games have always been fascinating to me.
2008-04-18 21:19:54
2.   Bob Timmermann
Ed Rommel's 17-inning relief effort in which he gave up 29 hits (and winning!) was a case of him taking one for the team. The Philadelphia A's had to play a one-game road trip in Cleveland and Connie Mack only paid for two pitchers to make the trip. The starter Lew Krausse got knocked out in the first and Rommel went the final 17.
2008-04-18 22:47:37
3.   Linkmeister
And poor Lew Krausse's son had an mediocre career too!

2008-04-19 12:38:54
4.   bobsbrother
A few years ago, whenever the Cardinals needed to have someone take it for the team, it always seemed to be Jason Marquis' turn on the mound. He would have to stay in the game and get pummelled. He hated La Russa for it because it screwed up his stats.

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