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I still maintain that is a horribly flawed product
2008-04-19 10:24
by Bob Timmermann

According to my credit card company, I did get my $119 refunded from for its "quirky" service. Last night, I was clicking on an audio broadcast of a game, but accidentally hit one for a video stream.

It worked.


Then I tried an old game. That worked.

But today, it's all gone again. I'm beginning to think that is run out of a storefront in Brigadoon.

2008-04-19 10:33:06
1.   Eric Stephen
What ridiculous high standards we have as fans, to expect to actually watch and listen to the game we love in a format that is advertised as easily available to us!
2008-04-19 11:04:12
2.   williemays haze
The unexplained absence of the condensed game feature still infuriates me and I sent two messages complaining but never got any response. I'm still debating over whether to cancel my subscription, only I don't know if I can go without being able to watch the A's and Padres games (shitty though the quality may be).
2008-04-19 11:11:16
3.   Andrew Shimmin
Clearly's email support is really just a massive performance art piece. They email you back after five or six days to tell you to call the 800 number.

I got my refund--the refunded every penny, even though I'd used the thing for a month, and would have been happy to pay for doing. Not that I'm complaining about that.

2008-04-19 16:37:24
4.   Woden325
Is still held hostage to blackouts? I've toyed with the idea for a couple of years, but always end up going back to Gameday audio, which is cheap, has every game live, and just works.
2008-04-19 17:15:26
5.   Bob Timmermann
MLB's blackout policies still exist and they are peculiar to put it mildly. They are a holdover from the radio era.
2008-04-19 18:15:47
6.   Woden325
5 As are the doorknobs, Bob?
2008-04-19 19:50:17
7.   Bob Timmermann
A good doorknob beating never goes out of style.

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