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Thanks, but you didn't have to return the favor
2008-04-21 19:28
by Bob Timmermann

Scene: Miller Park

Time: 8th inning

Ryan Ludwick of the Cardinals pinch hits for Chris Duncan and lofts a fly ball down the right field line that Corey Hart drops for a three-base error. Ludwick eventually scores on a sacrifice fly by Adam Kennedy to put the Cardinals ahead 3-2.

Now we move to the bottom of the 8th.

Ryan Braun is on third with one out. Hart is at bat. Hart hits a fly ball to right field. Ryan Ludwick loses the ball in the lights of the ceiling and then falls over and the ball goes off his glove. Hart goes all the way to third on the error, although he does get credited with a sacrifice fly. The official scorer has changed it to a triple.

2008-04-21 19:41:50
1.   blue22
That's a tough error on Ludwick.

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