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O. Cabrera and Renteria: Don't Invite 'ems
2008-04-23 10:48
by Bob Timmermann

Jorge Arangue, Jr. of ESPN the Magazine tells us of the enmity between baseball's two most notable Colombian players: Edgar Renteria of Detroit and Orlando Cabrera of the White Sox. The two men had a falling out over Cabrera pulling out of an investment in a Colombian baseball winter league.

...."Edgar," the clubbie says, "Orlando Cabrera says he would like to speak to you." But Rentería does not wish to speak to Cabrera, his counterpart on the White Sox, his fellow Colombian. The day before, Rentería explained why to a reporter: "I won't accept dealing with him. I think he's disrespected so many baseball people in Colombia who have been working to improve the sport. And that's not something I can accept, even with an apology from him."

Arangue has some background on the two men and how they have vastly different personalities and outlooks on life.

2008-04-23 12:10:42
1.   Sushirabbit
Edgar Renteria sounds like an arrogant dufus. From what I can tell Cabrera is more involved and Edgar's brother runs the business. So maybe it's hard for Edgar to see fault in his brother.
2008-04-23 12:23:10
2.   Kevin Lewis
It always makes me sad to see someone who can't offer forgiveness with or without an apology. We are human, and we all make mistakes.

I assume nothing about the details, just a general comment

2008-04-23 13:28:39
3.   scareduck
S/b "... and outlooks on life."
2008-04-23 15:14:15
4.   Cliff Corcoran
Curious, last week's "This Week In Baseball" had a segment on Cabrera and Columbia, showing his commitment to giving back to his homeland and developing potential major leaguers there.
2008-04-23 15:59:51
5.   ToyCannon
I've been surprised that TWIB is a decent show.

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