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'Fessing up in Pittsburgh
2008-04-27 11:26
by Bob Timmermann

The Pirates released struggling (0-4, 9.67 ERA) pitcher Matt Morris today.

And it seems that both the Pirates and Morris realize that the trade sending Morris to Pittsburgh last year didn't work out well.

Team president Frank Coonelly was disappointed the Pirates added a salary as big as Morris’ not long before Coonelly joined the club from major league baseball’s central office late last season. Former general manager Dave Littlefield, who dealt for Morris, was fired about a month after he acquired Morris from the Giants.

“The decision to acquire Matt Morris last July did not turn out to be a sound baseball judgment,” Coonelly said in a statement issued by the team. “Ownership’s willingness to acquire Matt’s contract … demonstrated ownership’s commitment to fielding a championship team. I am confident that the investments that we are now making in this club will be far more productive.”


Morris is aware the decision likely ends his career.

“I’ve accepted it,” he said. “It was a great segment of my life. I really can’t wait to move on and be with my family. It’s a sad day, but it’s also a joyful day. … I’m proud of my career. I didn’t mean or want for it to end this way. I’ve always said the other team will let you know when you’re done.”

2008-04-27 12:23:49
1.   D4P
Ownership's willingness to acquire Matt's contract … demonstrated ownership's commitment to fielding a championship team

I look forward to the day when acquiring good players (regardless of salary) demonstrates ownership's commitment to winning, rather than players with large salaries (regardless of performance).

2008-04-27 14:25:40
2.   dzzrtRatt
I'm just steamed that the Pirates played the greater fool with the Giants. By all rights, it should be our NL West rivals who are saddled with Morris' inexplicable contract, not the sad, stupid Pirates.

The only comfort I take is that perhaps it was Jim Tracy pushing to bring Morris on board last season, and the absurdity of such a recommendation led to his firing. I can just hear Tracy lobbying for Morris as a clubhouse leader with consistent arm angles who knows how to win the right way.

2008-04-27 14:31:25
3.   underdog
Too bad the Pirates didn't pick Rajai Davis back up. That would've been the icing on the cake. Well, except for them having Rajai Davis on the roster.

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