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Incomplete completeness
2008-04-29 18:57
by Bob Timmermann

Roy Halladay picked up a complete game today, but he didn't go nine innings. And he didn't go eight innings and lose on the road. Instead Halladay pulled off the relatively rare feat of losing in the bottom of the ninth while getting a complete game as he surrendered an RBI singled to Kevin Youkilis with two outs in the ninth in Boston. The Red Sox won 1-0.

The last pitcher to lose a complete game in the bottom of the ninth inning was Derek Lowe of the Dodgers on May 10, 2007. Lowe gave up a 3-run homer to Josh Willingham with one out in the ninth for a 3-0 loss to the Marlins. Chien-Ming Wang of the Yankees lost to the Nationals on a one-out home run in the ninth by Ryan Zimmerman on June 18, 2006.

2008-04-29 20:07:25
1.   Yu-Hsing Chen
arrragh, that game by Wang gave me bad flashbacks. he was basically 1 pitch away from 20 win thx to that game..
2008-04-30 10:18:30
2.   For The Turnstiles
Halladay's last three starts have been complete game losses. When was the last time someone did that?
2008-04-30 12:04:33
3.   Bob Timmermann
Randy Johnson lost three straight complete games in 1999. One of them was a 1-0 loss to Jose Jimenez of the Cardinals in which Jimenez threw a no-hitter. Then he lost 2-0 to the Reds and the DBacks got one hit. Then he lost 1-0 to the Cardinals and Jimenez again. The DBacks got TWO hits in that game.

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