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No hits? No problem!
2008-04-30 15:00
by Bob Timmermann

The Potomac Nationals of the Carolina League won a 7-inning game in the nightcap of a doubleheader at home against the Winston-Salem Warthogs without getting a hit. Potomac scored three unearned runs in the bottom of the sixth to win the game, 3-2. Doubleheaders in the minors have two seven inning games.

Here's the play-by-play from the bottom of the sixth from

Potomac Bottom 6th

  • Pitcher Change: Matthew Long replaces Matthew Zaleski.
  • Brian Peacock reaches on fielding error by third baseman C. J. Retherford.
  • Elijah Dukes walks. Brian Peacock to 2nd.
  • Jemel Spearman walks. Brian Peacock to 3rd. Elijah Dukes to 2nd.
  • Pitcher Change: Kanekoa Texeira replaces Matthew Long.
  • Christopher Marrero called out on strikes.
  • With Leonard Davis batting, passed ball by Billy Killian, Brian Peacock scores. Elijah Dukes to 3rd. Jemel Spearman to 2nd.
  • Kanekoa Texeira intentionally walks Leonard Davis.
  • Edgardo Baez walks. Elijah Dukes scores. Jemel Spearman to 3rd. Leonard Davis to 2nd.
  • Dee Brown grounds into a force out, third baseman C. J. Retherford to second baseman Javier Colina. Jemel Spearman scores. Leonard Davis to 3rd. Edgardo Baez out at 2nd. Dee Brown to 1st.
  • Steve Doetsch strikes out swinging.

Elijah Dukes was playing as part of a rehab assignment for Washington. Paul Lo Duca had played in the first game.

2008-04-30 15:43:41
1.   StolenMonkey86
That's incredibly interesting.
2008-04-30 15:57:25
2.   Bob Timmermann
Thank you for humoring me.
2008-04-30 16:38:12
3.   rbj
Ron Davis lost a no-hitter 4-0 for the Yankees back in the 1980s. I watched that game -- incredibly ugly. And I don't understand why MLB changed the rule making such games non no-hitters. If there are no hits, it is a no hitter.
2008-04-30 17:01:41
4.   Bob Timmermann
Actually, it was Andy Hawkins, not Ron Davis.

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