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Julio Franco retires?
2008-05-02 22:30
by Bob Timmermann

Via Deadspin comes this announcement from the Mexican League website that Julio Franco has retired.

Este miércoles al término del segundo juego de la serie de Tigres frente a Petroleros, el dominicano Julio Franco le anunció a la directiva felina su retiro definitivamente como jugador activo.

Después de analizar la situación con la familia, el dominicano pone fin a una trayectoria de 26 años como jugador en donde cosechó un titulo de bateo con los Rangers de Texas, jugador más valioso de la Liga Americana en el 90, tres juegos de estrellas y dos títulos de bateo en México.

Does someone want to try a non-automated translation of that?

This article seems to confirm the above statement. It's in Spanish too.

2008-05-02 22:47:29
1.   Philip Michaels
Julio Franco will never retire... so long as we just clap our hands and believe.
2008-05-02 23:28:44
2.   Bob Hendley
Baseball writing in Mexico retains a lot of the US style of earlier times. I mean "directiva felina", come on.
2008-05-02 23:37:46
3.   Bob Timmermann
"Directiva felina" is something I can't figure out. Unless it really means "feline directive" because Franco plays for the Tigers.
2008-05-02 23:41:32
4.   Bob Hendley
Yep, that's it (and not catty management, which is what the Dodgers have). Noticed that Monterrey is having a season to forget. I was there a couple of weeks ago and met the owner. He was on the Little League teams of 57/58 that took the title in Williamsport.
2008-05-02 23:54:00
5.   Eric Enders
I believe "felina" in English means "wicked and evil and casting a spell."
2008-05-03 00:04:26
6.   Eric Enders
Okay, I'm just going off the cuff here so some of this may be wrong.

This Wednesday at the end of the second game of the series between the Tigers and Oilers, the Dominican Julio Franco announced to Feline management his definitive retirement as an active player.

After analyzing the situation with his family, the Dominican brought to an end a career of 26 years of play in which he captured* a batting title with the Texas Rangers, the most valuable player in the American League in 1990, three All-Star Games, and two batting titles in Mexico.

(* I'm not sure what the verb "cosechó" means; I'm just guessing it's "captured.")

2008-05-03 00:33:15
7.   Bob Timmermann
They exaggerated a bit since Franco was not an MVP of the AL, but just MVP of the All-Star game.
2008-05-03 08:17:34
8.   Bob Hendley
6 - Very good, including the "captured" translation, which literally means harvested.
2008-05-03 13:19:38
9.   68elcamino427
If Andruw Jones didn't have $36,000,000 in the pipleine to his bank account over the next two years, he might be considering a move to a Mexican League team right now.
2008-05-03 15:08:35
10.   Bob Hendley
9 - If not, we could consider it for him. The Sultanes could really use him, now that Karim Garcia has hit the road.

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