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To sing a song of Terrmel Sledge
2008-05-02 23:21
by Bob Timmermann

Deanna Rubin of Marinerds, which is actually almost all about one woman's love of Japan's coolest team, the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters, finally made a trip to Sapporo to watch the Fighters in action.

She sat in the oendan, one of the official cheering sections for the team, at the Sapporo Dome and has video of the song that the fans sing when one of the Fighters' new imports, Terrmel Sledge comes up to bat.


Deanna's translation of the song is:


North Carolina power,

homerun Sledge Daichi ni banrifuu fukaseyo atsuku nare Hammer Sledge

(Go go let's go su-re-ji!)

Deanna also reports that the PA system plays "Sledgehammer" and the fans wave inflatable hammers when Sledge bats. (He's hitting .248 with six homers the last time I checked.)


Sledge, as I've mentioned before, went to my high school, John F. Kennedy High in Granada Hills, and was the starting center fielder for the team's L.A. City Championship team in 1995. Jon Garland was a sophomore pitcher and outfielder on that squad.

Right now (and I mean now as the Fighters are in action as I type this), Nippon Ham is in second place in the Pacific League, two games behind surprising Seibu, which was expected to be inhabiting last place after a tumultuous offseason.

2008-05-02 23:58:59
1.   Eric Stephen
I always thought "In Your Eyes" was a much better Pater Gabriel song.
2008-05-03 08:31:35
2.   dianagramr
No Sister Sledge songs?

(then again, Terrmel wasn't a part of the '79 "We are Family" Pirates)

2008-05-03 11:58:05
3.   Linkmeister
"which was expected to inhabiting last place after a tumultuous offseason."


2008-05-03 14:17:23
4.   gpellamjr
Wow. I guess he doesn't regret going to Japan, then.

Or would it be better to have Vin tell everyone where is name came from before he comes to bat each time?

2008-05-03 14:17:34
5.   gpellamjr
Why don't people sing songs about me?
2008-05-03 14:49:44
6.   Bob Timmermann
I have actually written an Iliad-length poem about you. In Greek!
2008-05-03 15:39:48
7.   Bob Timmermann
However, my computer crashed before I could save it. So I lost it all.

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