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Calendars, calendars, calendars
2008-05-04 21:27
by Bob Timmermann

For the longest time, I never really looked at calendars much. I would just memorize my work schedule and keep track in my head of a few other important dates such as family and friend's birthdays. But as I've become responsible for other people's schedules at work and am required to be in different places at different times, I have to make a calendar and keep checking it.

I can tell you that this week, I'll get paid on Wednesday (and I need to make sure that the rest of my staff gets their checks too, they're picky about that) and I need to make "Count Week" sheets and trust me, you don't want to know about that.

But this Sunday, May 4, was my dad's birthday. Although I don't know if a person who has passed on still has a birthday. Unless it's a holiday. My dad would have been 79 Sunday (so would have Audrey Hepburn). And next Sunday will be Mother's Day, which is another day that lacks an important participant for me. So it's back to back Sundays in which the calendar seems to have conspired against me.

I looked back at a perpetual calendar and this same 1-2 combo of downer Sundays occurred in 2003 and will happen next in 2014. But with each year, the sense of loss lessens and gets replaced with more of an appreciation for the good times that were there. Maybe the calendar isn't conspiring against me, but rather giving me an opportunity to move ahead while I still look back.

(I will resume this blog's boring historical anecdotes Monday. Such as telling you that if we were using the French Revolutionary calendar today would have been Quintidi 15 Floreal CCXVI.)


2008-05-05 08:52:17
1.   Daniel Zappala
I hope I can appreciate my mom and dad as much as you appreciate yours.
2008-05-05 12:27:31
2.   Linkmeister
My now-deceased father's birthday was (is?) September 5, and my still-pretty-hale mother's is September 1. We always used to celebrate them together, and after he passed on 15 years ago we've had a heckuva time remembering hers is the 1st. For understandable reasons this annoys her.

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