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White Sox fire three scouts in wake of D.R. investigation
2008-05-16 20:24
by Bob Timmermann

For reasons that are not entirely clear, the Chicago White Sox fired director of player personnel David Wilder and two other scouts in the Dominican Republic “for actions in Latin America that were violations of club policy and standards." 

[Chicago General Manager Kenny]mWilliams said he could not comment further on what wrongdoing led to the firings. Wilder is a longtime baseball man. In 2005, he interviewed for Boston’s general manager job before Theo Epstein returned to the Red Sox.

“This is an investigation we brought to Major League Baseball as part of our reorganization in the Dominican Republic,” Williams said. “We now have a new facility, complete with state-of-the art equipment and facilities. We’re trying to achieve greater results down there. We wanted to be sure our operations were consistent with what we stand for. Obviously, they were not in this investigation and we’ve made some changes accordingly.

“As to the what and the why, I’m not at liberty to expound on that.”

2008-05-17 20:26:11
1.   Bob Hendley
Anything more on this? Is it something that happened in the DR? (Good place to get into trouble).

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