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Lester no-hits Royals
2008-05-19 18:36
by Bob Timmermann

Jon Lester of the Boston Red Sox threw a no-hitter at Fenway Park against the Kansas City Royals. The Red Sox won the game 7-0. Lester threw 130 pitches.

Lester is the first lefty to throw a no-hitter for the Red Sox since Mel Parnell back on July 14, 1956.

2008-05-19 18:44:24
1.   Eric Stephen
Lester threw 130 pitches. 11 of the last 28 times a pitcher reached that threshold (dating back to June 2004) was a Livan Hernandez performance.
2008-05-19 19:21:18
2.   KG16
clearly he threw too many pitches, the manager should be fired for not going to the bullpen sooner.

sorry, couldn't help bringing the snark a little.

as much as I don't like the Red Sox, Lester is a great story, and so I'll take it as a great story.

2008-05-20 08:20:18
3.   berkowit28
When I saw him walk the first batter in the 9th, I started wondering whether there has ever been a no-hitter that wasn't a shutout - 4 BB or a hit by pitch or an error or two in an inning scoring a run. Has it happened? Would it still be called a no-hitter? (Sort if following the letter but not the spirit of the thing.)
2008-05-20 08:22:46
4.   RIYank
Yeah, it's even worth a Red Sox win. Barely.
2008-05-20 08:53:06
5.   RIYank
3 Yes, it's happened many times -- I think Dean Chance and Bob Feller each pitched a non-shutout no-no -- and most recently in 1986 by Joe Cowley (for the White Sox, against the Angels). Cowley didn't win another game. He ended 1986 with a string of Ls, and after 4 starts in 1987 without a W he was released.
2008-05-20 08:57:09
6.   Bob Timmermann
There have been several no-hitters where a pitcher gave up a run. The most recent one was by Darrell Kile.
2008-05-20 13:31:44
7.   RIYank
Darrell Kile, I missed that one. And he only walked one, only faced 28 batters. In the fourth inning McKnight walked with one out, then came around to score from first on a wild pitch:

Catcher Servais thought the pitch had hit the batter and did not chase it. Bagwell came in from first, grabbed the ball and tried for McKnight at third, as McKnight had continued to run. The throw was wild...

Retrosheet box score,

2008-05-20 14:11:56
8.   grandcosmo
Don't forget this game by Andy Hawkins which was considered a no-hitter at the time but subsequently was ruled to not be an official no-hitter by the Committee on Statistical Accuracy appointed by MLB (I don't know if it had blue-ribbon status).

He lost 4-0 when in the bottom of the 8th the White Sox scored 4 runs on two walks and three errors - two of them dropped fly balls.

2008-05-21 07:04:51
9.   Im So Blue
5 You can't call it a "no-no" if it's not a shutout. "No-no" is short for "no-runs, no-hits."

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