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Extra, extra, extra (repeat)
2008-05-21 06:00
by Bob Timmermann

On this day 12 years ago, Larry Walker of the Colorado Rockies started what would become a National League record by getting an extra-base hit in six straight at bats.

The Rockies were playing host to Pittsburgh on May 21, 1996 and it was a stereotypical Coors Field game.

In the bottom of the fifth, the game was tied 4-4 and Walker batted against Matt Ruebel. Walker had homered in the first against Ruebel, but lined out in the third inning. Walker lined the second pitch from Ruebel into left-center for a double.

Walker came up again in the sixth, but now the Rockies were down 7-5 and Jason Christiansen was on the mound. Ellis Burks was on third and Dante Bichette on first with none out. Walker tripled to center field to tie the game. (Note: Red alert for the cycle! Red alert!)

In the bottom of the seventh, Walker comes up again to bat against Christiansen. The Rockies are ahead 9-7 with Eric Young on third and two outs. Walker belted his second home run of the game to make 11-7. The Rockies would hold on for a 12-10 win. (Note: Cycle alert canceled. Stand down.)

The next day Walker faces Zane Smith in the first inning and doubles, running the XBH streak to four.

Walker bats again in the fourth and triples to lead off the inning. It proves to be a big inning and the Rockies are up 6-1 and Smith is pulled after the inning.

In the fifth, Walker bats again, against reliever Jon Lieber. And Walker slams another triple, although he doesn't score. In the seventh, Pirates reliever Marc Wilkins wises up and gives Walker a walk.

Walker gets a chance to tie the major league record of seven the next day (May 23, 1996) against the Reds. With nobody out, the Rockies have runners on first and third and Walker faces Mark Portugal. And it's a double ...


And so Walker ended up just one extra base hit short of the alltime record for consecutive extra base hits, held by two AL player: Elmer Smith of Cleveland on September 4 and 5, 1921 (3 doubles and 4 homers, along with two walks in three games as there was a doubleheader on 9/5) and Earl Sheely of the White Sox who had six doubles, one homer, AND A SACRIFICE on May 20 and 21, 1926. In the May 20, 1926 game, Sheely had one of FIVE sacrifices for the White Sox in a 13-4 win over Boston.


2008-05-21 11:39:18
1.   Linkmeister
Walker always put a smile on my face when I saw him play. It may have had something to do with that embarrassing moment when he lost track of the outs and flipped the ball into the first base stands, then had to try to get it back from the fan who caught it.

Heckuva hitter, though.

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