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NCAA baseball field of 64 announced
2008-05-26 09:55
by Bob Timmermann

The NCAA announced its 64-team field (it's a link to a pdf, so look carefully) for the battle to go to Omaha for the College World Series.

There are 16 regional sites which will all be double elimination play. The 16 winners are then paired off into 8 super-regionals which are best of three. Those eight winners then move on to Omaha starting June 14. The eight teams are put into two four-team groups, which play a double elimination series and the winners of each group play a best of three for the championship.

The top eight seeds are (in order): Miami, North Carolina, Arizona State, Florida State, Cal State Fullerton, Rice, LSU, and Georgia. All eight of these schools are hosting a regional.

The other regional hosts are: Michigan (a #2 seed, a school in Tucson is #1), North Carolina State, Stanford, Oklahoma State, Coastal Carolina, Nebraska, Texas A&M, and Long Beach State.

Apparently my screed against UCLA inspired the Bruins to play better down the stretch and earn a postseason berth after all as the #2 team in the Fullerton bracket. It is the first time UCLA has made postseason play in baseball for three consecutive years.

Dallas Baptist became the first independent school to make the tournament since Cal State Northridge in 1992.

2008-05-26 14:37:55
1.   berkowit28
What does "independent school" mean in this context?
2008-05-26 16:01:22
2.   Bob Timmermann
Not a member of a conference.
2008-05-26 16:17:29
3.   D4P
Looks like the Beavs had a tough year. Didn't even make the field.
2008-05-26 16:24:11
4.   bobsbrother
I always look forward to the play-in game.
2008-05-26 22:36:59
5.   KG16
I'm going to call a Long Beach St-Cal St Fullerton championship series.

I doubt it will actually happen, but I think it'd be kind of cool

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