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Cooper's slow play sin exposed
2008-06-18 18:38
by Bob Timmermann

Earlier this week, MLB fined Ron Gardenhire and Cecil Cooper for failing to keep up with "pace of play" regulations. Gardenhire's transgressions was described in an earlier post.

Now, Cooper is complaining about what he was fined for.

Astros manager Cecil Cooper is a bit perplexed about the fine he received on Tuesday from Major League Baseball, after he apparently did not comply with the new "pace of game" rules.

Cooper was fined for not having a catcher ready to warm up the pitcher after the seventh inning last Saturday. Brad Ausmus was on second base when the inning ended, and home-plate umpire Eric Cooper apparently took exception to Cooper not immediately sending out someone to warm up Geoff Geary.

Cooper argued that he had no catchers available to warm up his pitcher, but that did not matter to MLB disciplinary tsar Bob Watson.

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