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Game 5 World Series Open Thread: Last Gaspers vs Confident Guys, 5:37 pm PT (SUSPENDED), 5:37 pm PT Tuesday?? Wednesday?
2008-10-29 14:00
by Bob Timmermann

"And so we enter... endgame."

Scott Kazmir takes the mound tonight for Tampa Bay to keep the 2008 World Series going until Tuesday, but Cole Hamels starts for Philadelphia and there is a good chance that there will some Champagne spilled tonight in Pennsylvania. It might even slosh over to New Jersey.

The Phillies can make me zero for two in postseason predictions.

During Game 1 of the ALCS open thread, I predicted that the winner of that game would win the World Series. Perhaps that should count as a double error. (It's comment 90.)

Then over at Baseball Analysts, I said:

Who will win the World Series? Rays

How many games? 6 games.

Why? The Phillies will win one start from Hamels and scratch out another from one of the other starters, but the Rays showed that they can hit the ball over the fence. Frequently. More frequently than the Phillies.

If you're going to be a failure, you might as well as be a spectacular one.

UPDATE - The resumption of Game 5 has now been pushed back to Wednesday. 188th pitch is tentatively scheduled for 5:37 pm PT in Philadelphia. If you're going to the game, bring a jacket. And gloves. And a hat.

If there is a Game 6, it will be played Thursday at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, around the same time all the other games have started (5:29-5:37 pm PT). There has been no date or time set for a potential Game 7 however.

Comments (321)
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2008-10-27 16:38:24
1.   ToyCannon
Joe Sheehan hits on this on BP unfiltered but it has been a long time since I've seen a slugger like Ryan Howard who I was completely unafraid of if any kind of southpaw was pitching and deathly afraid of if he's facing a righty.
2008-10-27 16:52:13
2.   Bote Man
The Rays looked dazed and confused. Clearly they are not playing up to their demonstrated potential, so I am attributing their sad WS performance to jitters and rookie mistakes.
2008-10-27 16:53:04
3.   Bob Timmermann
Iwamura 2B
Crawford LF
Upton CF
Pena 1B
Longoria 3B
Navarro C
Baldelli RF
Bartlett SS
Kazmir P

Rollins SS
Werth RF
Utley 2B
Howard 1B
Burrell LF
Victorino CF
Feliz 3B
Ruiz C
Hamels P

2008-10-27 17:26:41
4.   Bob Timmermann
I'm sure the good people of Philadelphia are enjoying the song stylings of John Oates.

Fortunately, I am not.

2008-10-27 17:50:53
5.   bhsportsguy
2 walks, a hit by pitch and then a hit by the Flying Hawaiian.

Hmm, I wonder what else on tonight?

2008-10-27 17:52:23
6.   bhsportsguy
I am listening to this on-line so I will predict Ruiz breaks the game open.
2008-10-27 17:58:46
7.   68elcamino427
2008-10-27 18:01:35
8.   Eric Stephen
I am rooting pretty hard for the Rays, and for Xeifrank to win his $3k, but if the Phillies are to win the series I would like them to do it tonight, so the home fans can enjoy it in person.
2008-10-27 18:08:28
9.   Gen3Blue
I made several posts in a previous Griddle before I figured out I was alone. LATed and worse. Such is life.
2008-10-27 18:09:26
10.   Bob Timmermann
See, I number the games to avoid that problem.
2008-10-27 18:11:32
11.   Yu-Hsing Chen
A single Philly PA is taking longer then the entire Rays inning so far... jesus either the Rays hitters are panicing or they're mailing it in.
2008-10-27 18:16:50
12.   Bob Timmermann
At least this game won't take long.
2008-10-27 18:25:02
13.   bobsbrother
I am really sick of the Direct TV ads.
2008-10-27 18:25:03
14.   Bob Timmermann
Is MLB selling those caps with the flaps on them? I want one, despite having little chance to ever wear one hear in Southern California.
2008-10-27 18:29:17
15.   bhsportsguy
Pena has now matched Canseco and McGwire (and I think Dave Winfield) with 1 hit in their first World Series.
2008-10-27 18:30:09
16.   Gen3Blue
Some announcer says the Ray's manager is "brave, courageous, and bold"!
2008-10-27 18:30:55
17.   bhsportsguy
14 Do I buy this hat?

And now Longoria has tied those other guys.

2008-10-27 18:32:04
18.   Bob Timmermann
I can think of one good reason for not buying that cap.

It's really ugly.

2008-10-27 18:32:57
19.   trainwreck
I would suggest no.
2008-10-27 18:35:28
20.   ToyCannon
I 2nd that, if they are going to lose, lose now.
2008-10-27 18:35:51
21.   bhsportsguy
19 For the same reason I resist buying UCLA Final Four gear.
2008-10-27 18:36:28
22.   bhsportsguy
20 If Kazmir can survive for a few more innings, maybe the Rays have a shot.
2008-10-27 18:37:47
23.   Eric Stephen
Perhaps an unfortunate bunt attempt for Hamels?
2008-10-27 18:40:10
24.   Eric Stephen
BH, put me down for no on the hat. A shirt is more acceptable though.

Bob, I was staring at Maddon for a minute trying to figure out if the flaps were just the hood of his sweatshirt or not. I did notice I have never seen the colors of a hat and sweatshirt match so well! :)

2008-10-27 18:40:13
25.   Bob Timmermann
If only this game were being played at Dolphins Stadium...
2008-10-27 18:41:34
26.   Eric Stephen
BH, speaking of shirts, Penn State's victory this weekend greatly increased your chances of earning a Dodger shirt.
2008-10-27 18:43:22
27.   Gen3Blue
This Kazmir effort has not been pretty, but it might be effective, if this game gets cancelled very soon. Sometimes these these thing are built on character.
2008-10-27 18:45:39
28.   bhsportsguy
26 I could also take a Hawaiian shirt bought at a swap meet.
2008-10-27 18:50:29
29.   Bob Timmermann
You should ask for a Pete Arbogast Hawaiian shirt!

How do you do?

2008-10-27 18:52:28
30.   bhsportsguy
28 I didn't want to use his name, Eric gets mad when anyone uses his catchphrase.
2008-10-27 18:52:33
31.   Bob Hendley
14 - So, I am guessing that you wouldn't here of wearing one in Southern California?
2008-10-27 18:55:35
32.   Eric Stephen
That was a fantastic double play by Utley!
2008-10-27 18:57:10
33.   bhsportsguy
Bob or Eric?

Has there ever been a shortened game to decide a World Series, Division or Pennant?

2008-10-27 18:57:10
34.   Xeifrank
I know there were two outs with nobody on base, but down by one run, you have to bat for Kazmir there. What does he have < 1ip left?
vr, Xei
2008-10-27 18:57:25
35.   bhsportsguy
33 My guess is no.
2008-10-27 18:57:29
36.   das411
Man oh man, not ANOTHER oen of those "could have been" calls!!
2008-10-27 18:57:50
37.   das411
*another ONE. that's why we have editors.
2008-10-27 18:58:07
38.   Xeifrank
They have to do something about playing the most important games of the season during such terrible weather. No, not the Plashke solution, but the season needs to be shortened and or started earlier.
vr, Xei
2008-10-27 18:58:15
39.   Eric Stephen
Both 28 & 29 were funny enough to deem the reference acceptable. :)
2008-10-27 18:58:42
40.   bhsportsguy
34 Rays in a tough spot, sounds like they could delay the game so you don't want to waste another pitcher.

Kazmir probably just pitches to Howard.

2008-10-27 18:59:29
41.   Bob Timmermann
There has never been a postseason game that didn't go at least 9 innings.

Or at least 8 1/2!

2008-10-27 18:59:33
42.   Xeifrank
40. if he only pitches to Howard, more the reason to take him out. A pinch hit HR and the game is tied. Oh well.
vr, Xei
2008-10-27 19:00:07
43.   bobsbrother
They'll play until a pitcher throws one to the backstop. Or into someone's skull.
2008-10-27 19:00:07
44.   Eric Stephen
I searched B-R, and no postseason games with a team's total innings pitched under 8.
2008-10-27 19:00:19
45.   LogikReader
Has a World Series ever been clinched on a game that was called after only 5 innings due to rain?
2008-10-27 19:00:39
46.   bhsportsguy
38 Players won't give up the pro-rated salary and the owners won't give up the gate receipts. (I wonder if there is net gain for the owners in that exchange)
2008-10-27 19:01:16
47.   Bob Hendley
Flaps down! (I just saw that).
2008-10-27 19:01:46
48.   LogikReader
44 , 45

ooooooooooooooooooops. Just checked into the Griddle; hello everybody!

I really hope it stays a one run game until the 8th. I would live for that!

2008-10-27 19:02:05
49.   bhsportsguy
44 38 seconds behind.

I think Bob has his screen set up to enter a comment at any given moment.

2008-10-27 19:03:34
50.   Bob Timmermann
Supposedly Game 7 of the 1925 World Series was played in a heavy rain in cold temperatures at Forbes Field, which had notoriously poor drainage.

Pittsburgh beat Washington 9-7. Walter Johnson gave up 9 runs on 15 hits in a complete game.

There was even a catcher's interference in the game!

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-10-27 19:03:51
51.   Bob Hendley
Last night the announcers were wondering why there were not more Ray's fans in the stadium. Tonight they are talking about how less than cordial Fillies fans are, not to speak of attendants.
2008-10-27 19:04:02
52.   bhsportsguy
43 So what passes for sports now in StL, hockey? And are the Blues planning to sue the RNC for injuring their goalie?
2008-10-27 19:05:11
53.   Eric Stephen
Being within 38 seconds of Bob is like being an inch behind Bob Beamon.
2008-10-27 19:06:42
54.   Gen3Blue
38 Xei you are so right. I hate to see the decisive minutes of the World Series in such poor weather. Not sure of the solution.
2008-10-27 19:06:57
55.   JoeyP
Nothing says the World Series like playing in cold rain.
2008-10-27 19:07:31
56.   bobsbrother
We have renewed interest in the Rams, now that they're 2-1 under Haslett. Legace's injury doesn't appear serious, no thanks to Palin, so the Blues won't have to use their fourth-string goalie on Thursday. And Mizzou football is just two hours away, they're still ranked, and I'm going to Waco on Saturday! Pinch me.
2008-10-27 19:07:44
57.   underdog
I would like to file a formal protest against the city of Philadelphia for their poor choice in weather for the evening. Whom do I send that to?
2008-10-27 19:07:48
58.   Xeifrank
What's the deal with the homeplate ump? Kazmir struck Burrell out twice atleast.
vr, Xei
2008-10-27 19:08:29
59.   JoeyP
They have to do something about playing the most important games of the season during such terrible weather.

Wait till next year.
World Series in November!

2008-10-27 19:08:37
60.   Linkmeister
This umpiring crew needs an off-season badly.
2008-10-27 19:09:14
61.   Xeifrank
Letting Kazmir hit was dumb. Calling two clear strikes to Burrell balls ... dumber.
vr, Xei
2008-10-27 19:10:38
62.   bhsportsguy
56 And doesn't Majerus's team start playing basketball soon?
2008-10-27 19:10:49
63.   Xeifrank
I gaurantee you that this game won't be shortened due to weather. My gaurantee is backed up with the promise to watch a whole season of whatever TV show you want me to watch. That's quite a gaurantee!
vr, Xei
2008-10-27 19:11:17
64.   Bob Timmermann
The 2001 World Series stretched into November. People seemed to enjoy it.
2008-10-27 19:12:28
65.   bhsportsguy
63 I vote for House.
2008-10-27 19:14:09
66.   underdog
Maybe the ump needs a personal moisture-wiper-offer between hitters. I'm sure he just can't see the pitches very well and is thus just guessing. Uh...
2008-10-27 19:14:20
67.   Eric Stephen
The Dodgers and Angels can cooperate and make the WS next year to alleviate any weather concerns.
2008-10-27 19:14:26
68.   Bob Timmermann
One of the longest weather related delays in a World Series was in 1962.

In San Francisco.

Three days rained out between Games 5 and 6 I believe.

2008-10-27 19:15:33
69.   Eric Stephen
We should go for something daily, like The View, to ensure a maximum of punitive damages.
2008-10-27 19:16:29
71.   Louis in SF
Don't know if anyone noticed it but in the previous inning with the bases loaded the home plate ump through the ball back to Kazmir a bit high and he had to jump a bit to get it.

If the throw had been really bad especially with the rain and wet and got past the pitcher would the man on 3rd be able to go home? I know if the catcher throws it the runner can advance, but don't know how it works when the ump throws it.

2008-10-27 19:16:40
72.   das411
51 , I definitely saw almost as many Rays fans as offensive Steve Irwin posters at the game on Saturday/Sunday!
2008-10-27 19:17:35
73.   bhsportsguy
I hope the Rays tie it up, then a deluge hits and they have to suspend the game.
2008-10-27 19:18:49
74.   bhsportsguy
72 Now that is in bad taste.
2008-10-27 19:18:59
75.   Eric Stephen
It's a dead ball if touched by an umpire.
2008-10-27 19:19:14
76.   Bob Timmermann
Time is out when the umpire throws the ball back to the pitcher.
2008-10-27 19:19:49
77.   Eric Stephen
Man, those popups look like a chore.
2008-10-27 19:19:55
78.   Gen3Blue
We're fading on the East coast.(at least speaking for myself.)
2008-10-27 19:19:59
79.   Bob Timmermann
This game needs John Stuper.
2008-10-27 19:20:27
80.   bhsportsguy
Nice inning for Balfour.
2008-10-27 19:20:50
81.   bhsportsguy
78 Its not even midnight.
2008-10-27 19:21:00
82.   underdog
68 Weird. Hard to imagine it raining here in October for that long. Usually warm and dry.

Still, to be safe, we should probably make sure that no World Series are held in SF.

69 Ouch. That'd be too cruel. I was going to suggest Extreme Makeover or the new "Crash" series on Starz, which I suppose would be cruel as well.

2008-10-27 19:21:08
83.   Xeifrank
Rays escape Maddon's not so smart move of letting Kazmir walk the first two batters after not pinch hitting for him. Kudos to Balfour. Field conditions are a joke. Pop flies are an adventure.
vr, Xei
2008-10-27 19:22:21
84.   Louis in SF

Thanks Bob, sorta thought that was the case, but wasn't sure.

2008-10-27 19:22:25
85.   Eric Stephen
OK, I tried looking that up to no avail. To quote a guilty man, I gots to know.
2008-10-27 19:22:56
86.   Bob Hendley
68 - Followed by the earthquake and then the rally monkey. Mother Nature doesn't like the Giants either.
2008-10-27 19:23:20
87.   JoeyP
Weather radar shows rain all nite in Philly.
2008-10-27 19:24:27
88.   underdog
Wow, Ken Rosenthal was speaking and the next thing I knew I'd taken a brief cat nap. That was cool.
2008-10-27 19:25:25
89.   JoeyP
Whats stopping them from just suspending the game and resuming tomorrow?
2008-10-27 19:26:54
90.   trainwreck
Thanks for showing us Victorino with his hand down his pants.
2008-10-27 19:27:27
91.   Bob Timmermann
John Stuper was the pitcher for the Cardinals in Game 6 of the 1982 World Series. There were two long rain delays in that game and Stuper stuck it out to force a Game 6.

It helped that the Cardinals won the game 13-1.

2008-10-27 19:27:44
92.   bhsportsguy
It is unclear after reviewing MLB Official Rules on Suspended Games if the umpires could suspend the game as opposed to ending the game since it is official.
2008-10-27 19:28:05
93.   bobsbrother
(56) SLU basketball plays a closed-door scrimmage against Memphis on Saturday, then its exhibition game against Harris-Stowe (an NAIA school across the street) on Wednesday. Then the season opener against Missouri-St. Louis. They've got three seniors, a sophomore who's hurt, and eight freshmen. I'm projecting a long season.
2008-10-27 19:29:04
94.   Xeifrank
at what point do we say this game is fixed?
vr, Xei
2008-10-27 19:29:14
95.   fordprefect
This is Philly, you know.
I'll bet!
I say Oprah for max pain.
2008-10-27 19:29:14
96.   Eric Stephen
The groundskeepers are earning their keep tonight. I wonder if the grounds crew gets voted a full or partial playoff share. I guess it varies from team to team. That would be quite a nice bonus for a crew member. Last year a full playoff share was ~$300k for the WS winner and ~$235k for the runner up.
2008-10-27 19:30:05
97.   Bob Timmermann
The A's had a World Series game rained out in 1972. Game 3 was delayed a day.
2008-10-27 19:31:01
98.   68elcamino427
Phillies fans must be loving this plate ump.
Rooting for the Rays ... he's terrible.
2008-10-27 19:31:11
99.   bobsbrother
Really sounds like Joe Buck thinks they should stop the game.
2008-10-27 19:31:45
100.   underdog
Hamels coming back out there seems un-smart. But we'll see.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-10-27 19:32:43
101.   Bob Hendley
It should be Mad Men, so that we could look forward to scintillating exchanges between Xeifrank and underdog.
2008-10-27 19:33:53
102.   bobsbrother
If the game were tied, they would stop this. And if the Rays tie it, they just might do that.
2008-10-27 19:34:19
103.   underdog
Weird, I swear I posted that like five minutes ago. I blame my nap. Or the weather.

This is ridiculous, they need to finish this game tomorrow.

2008-10-27 19:34:32
104.   Eric Stephen
Thanks Bob.

Excellent jump by Upton there. What a crappy field right now. Sheesh.

2008-10-27 19:34:35
105.   fordprefect
Slip'n Slide!!!!!!!!
2008-10-27 19:34:37
106.   bhsportsguy
96 I think the clubhouse managers, bat boys, grounds crew and traveling secretary all get voted some type of post-season money.
2008-10-27 19:35:30
107.   fordprefect
and the fans pay?
2008-10-27 19:35:30
109.   bhsportsguy
102 Does anyone think Pujols should get his surgery this off-season?
2008-10-27 19:35:45
110.   underdog
101 Xei would have plenty of time to catch up on Mad Men, since it'll be a long wait for season 3. :-(

But the Simpsons is doing a little Mad Men homage in the Halloween episode on Sunday.

2008-10-27 19:36:22
111.   bhsportsguy
107 As Shaq says, excuse me?
2008-10-27 19:37:39
112.   Mark T.R. Donohue
If this is the last baseball game of the season, what a hideous (and appropriate) ending.
2008-10-27 19:37:48
113.   JoeyP
2008-10-27 19:37:54
114.   Linkmeister
2008-10-27 19:38:00
115.   Bob Timmermann
In Game 3 of the 1998 ALDS between the Yankees and Rangers there was a 3 hour and 16 minute rain delay after the 8th inning.

The Yankees led 4-0. If the game could not have been resumed, it would have been suspended according to all the news accounts of the game.

However, MLB really wanted to wait because if the Rangers had won to force a Game 4, they would have to have played the end of Game 3 and then clear all out all the people who had Game 3 tickets and then bring in the Game 4 people.

And now, with the game tied, the game can be suspended without any shenanigans.

2008-10-27 19:38:43
116.   Xeifrank
vr, Xei
2008-10-27 19:38:56
117.   bhsportsguy
I am surprised it sounded as close as the Philly broadcaster made it sound.
2008-10-27 19:39:03
118.   68elcamino427
Upton sloshing around the bases


2008-10-27 19:39:29
119.   Eric Stephen
The postseason players' pool is derived from 60% of the gate of games 1-3 of each LDS, 1-4 of each LCS, and 1-4 of the WS. It is split:

36% champ
24% runner up
12% each LCS loser
3% each LDS loser
1% each non-WC 2nd place team

Last year, the Red Sox players' share was ~$18m and the Rockies was ~$12m.

2008-10-27 19:39:33
120.   Bob Hendley
Stupor it is. Oops, there's the ball to the backstop.
2008-10-27 19:39:43
121.   LogikReader
It's time to dance!! woooooot!

I love how Joe and Tim were insisting nobody could steal a base and right after that, Upton steals a base. HAH!!!

2008-10-27 19:39:47
122.   JoeyP
At least delay the game.
2-2, play the rest of it tomorrow.
2008-10-27 19:39:49
123.   Bob Timmermann
Game 3 of the 1997 World Series was played in snow flurries and even colder temperatures.
2008-10-27 19:40:00
124.   bobsbrother
There were people who thought he should have gotten it this year, there were people who thought he should have gotten it as soon as the Cards fell out of the race this season. He had a minor operation already a couple of weeks ago, and should be back by opening day. If the Cardinals don't acquire a closer, there will be those who think he should do it this year. The Cards maintain he doesn't need it.
2008-10-27 19:40:50
125.   Eric Stephen
Any kind of throw would have nailed Upton, but I'm sure even a good OFer would have had trouble setting his feet for a good throw.
2008-10-27 19:40:59
126.   underdog
That was some excitement! And now that we're tied... I vote they finish the damned thing early tomorrow.
2008-10-27 19:41:22
127.   68elcamino427
Plate ump needs to get it together now.
Just call the game the same way blue/red please.
2008-10-27 19:41:31
128.   Bob Timmermann
The logistics for a suspended game would be ...


When do you play it for starters? Fox has a very special episode of House to show tomorrow!

2008-10-27 19:42:05
129.   bhsportsguy
124 Thanks for all the insight.

Philadelphia has rain in its forecast for the next 2 days and nights.

2008-10-27 19:43:00
130.   JoeyP
Rain Delay.
This is gonna be a LONG delay if they do resume it today.
2008-10-27 19:44:04
131.   bhsportsguy
I would say that the Phillies better hope that the game is continued and they win tonight or that there is at least a one day delay so Hamels can pitch on 3 days rest for Game 7 if needed.
2008-10-27 19:44:06
132.   underdog
Huh. Weather's supposed to be worse tomorrow?

This could be a cursed ending! Just in time for Halloween.

2008-10-27 19:44:48
133.   Xeifrank
Why don't they just play a game of guitar hero to decide it? Then on to Tampa Bay if need be.
vr, Xei
2008-10-27 19:44:54
134.   Eric Stephen
Will this end later than the 1:47am or whenever Game 3 ended?

If the Phillies win at some ungodly hour, I'd like to see another Rick Camp moment.

2008-10-27 19:44:55
135.   underdog
I suggest they go finish the game in a domed stadium. Say, the one in Tampa.
2008-10-27 19:46:14
136.   Bob Hendley
135 - Over?
2008-10-27 19:46:47
137.   Xeifrank
So what's the rule about the game reverting back to the last full inning if suspended?
vr, Xei
2008-10-27 19:49:30
138.   Bob Timmermann
That rule was taken off the books in 1979.
2008-10-27 19:51:29
139.   Xeifrank
138. Good, I am all for making up the rules as we go along as long as they help the Rays.
vr, Xei
2008-10-27 19:52:36
140.   Bob Timmermann
Greatest hits in The Griddle's writings about suspended games:

2008-10-27 19:53:32
141.   Xeifrank
Checking my Philadelphia Farmers Almanac, the next date with good enough weather to resume Game #5 will be next March 28th. Still only a 20% chance of rain that day.
vr, Xei
2008-10-27 19:57:52
142.   Travis08
I think the only postseason game to have started but not finished was Game 1 of the NLCS in 1982. The Braves were up 1-0 over the Cardinals with 1 out in the 5th when the game was stopped, and it was called after a 2 hour, 28 minute delay.

It was the first rainout in St. Louis all year. The second one came two days later.

2008-10-27 20:03:11
143.   Bob Timmermann
However, it did rain really hard that day in St. Louis. When it started raining, it RAINED.
2008-10-27 20:07:50
144.   LogikReader
Extremely dumb question:

If MLB knew there was going to be awful weather at this time tonight, why didn't they just emergency start the game earlier? Perhaps at 6pm ET or 7pm ET?

College football does this all the time. If they sense a hurricane or monsoon they'll move up the start time as a precaution.

Baseball never prepares; only reacts.

2008-10-27 20:11:02
145.   Travis08
144 At the very least, cut out the half-hour pregame or move it to 7:30 on a cable affiliate.
2008-10-27 20:16:23
146.   Woden325
144 If MLB wasn't beholden to the almighty ratings, they might. But that's just crazy talk, like playing day games during the World Series.
2008-10-27 20:16:34
147.   das411
So 73 , we can send all of the angry Philadelphians who were denied our WS victory to meet you...where?
2008-10-27 20:17:35
148.   Bob Timmermann
I've heard of regular season game times moved up, but I assume that with a postseason game, Fox doesn't want to have give a lot of sponsors "make goods."

Here in L.A., they're showing the "Jazz Singer" episode of "The Simpsons."

2008-10-27 20:19:00
149.   Woden325
My rain-delay theater: the local Fox news.
2008-10-27 20:19:03
150.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, it's "Like Father, Like Clown."
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-10-27 20:20:15
151.   Eric Stephen
In SD, I had Two and a Half Men followed by Family Guy.
2008-10-27 20:23:46
152.   Woden325
According to the the local news, we should stand by for an important message from "the explainer:" Joe Buck.
2008-10-27 20:24:23
153.   LogikReader
I got George Lopez and King of the Hill up in SB.
2008-10-27 20:25:45
154.   Strike4
All bad weather team:

1B J.T. Snow
LF Tim Raines
P Josh Fogg

That's all I can think of without nicknames (sorry Storm Davis) off the top of my head.

2008-10-27 20:27:08
155.   Woden325
MLB website says the game has been suspended and will resume tomorrow.
2008-10-27 20:27:29
156.   Eric Stephen
CF Curt Flood
2008-10-27 20:27:29
157.   Bob Hendley
An ESPN special on Ugueth Urbina in Mexico City.
2008-10-27 20:29:35
158.   Bob Timmermann
2008-10-27 20:29:36
159.   LogikReader
Is FOX going to come back to explain to the people without internet (or other channels) when the game will resume?
2008-10-27 20:31:47
160.   trainwreck
Good album by Fantomas.
2008-10-27 20:32:02
161.   Woden325
159 Joe's on right now.
2008-10-27 20:32:41
162.   LogikReader
I guess KKFX Santa Maria missed the memo.
2008-10-27 20:32:52
163.   Woden325
8 PM Eastern tomorrow, according to Joe.
2008-10-27 20:34:00
164.   Bob Timmermann
They say 8/5 pm ET/PT, although I hope they dispense with pregame shows.

Of course, I work tomorrow night which means this World Series would wrap up on Gameday.

Balfour could go back out there, but the Phillies will need a new arm.

2008-10-27 20:34:21
165.   Daniel Zappala
There's a Jazz Singer episode of the Simpsons?
2008-10-27 20:34:34
166.   Eric Stephen
Still no announcement on San Diego's Fox5.
2008-10-27 20:37:19
167.   Woden325
162 ,165 : I wonder if they're holding the announcement for the top of the hour. Since KXRM was already into the local news, they just ran it live.
2008-10-27 20:38:12
168.   Bob Timmermann
It was in 1991.
2008-10-27 20:39:22
169.   das411
Yes, rest of the world, this could only happen to us :(
2008-10-27 20:39:38
170.   Woden325
Well, my laptop battery is ready to die, so I'll see you tomorrow.
2008-10-27 20:48:47
171.   fordprefect
but first, these important words from our sponsors!
2008-10-27 20:50:49
172.   fordprefect
you have to watch that garbage too? Fox in the sticks! At least some one else to share the misery with....
2008-10-27 20:54:24
173.   LogikReader
Welp, it looks like they ran the "Joe explains the game suspension" piece about 5 minutes ago, in the middle of the final break of "King of the Hill."

The piece was a lot shorter than I thought... probably 30 seconds max.

Now I have ten straight minutes of PSAs. Fun fun.

2008-10-27 21:05:31
174.   Eric Stephen
On ESPN, Ravetch, Gammons, and Phillips are pontificating how this will come down to a "two and a half inning game" tomorrow. They made the point at least two or three times.

Ummm, there are 3.5 innings left (maybe 3).

2008-10-27 21:10:35
175.   Eric Stephen
I wonder what a logistical nightmare this is for the Rays (and the Phils somewhat). I would have thought the team had already checked out of the hotel with plans to fly back home right after the game. Now they have to find rooms for tonight (and maybe tomorrow night too depending on the weather).
2008-10-27 21:11:25
176.   LogikReader
..and we'll see you..........................


2008-10-27 21:18:39
177.   bobsbrother
Meanwhile, their stories filed, a hundred or so sportswriters are now frantically rebooking flights from Philadelphia to Tampa on Wednesday morning.
2008-10-27 21:29:19
178.   bigcpa
I figure a lot of people will be scalping ticket stubs to see the rest of this game. How weird.
2008-10-27 21:32:41
179.   Eric Enders
Stormy Weatherly CF
Von Hayes RF
Hurricane Hazle RF
Rich Gale P
J.T. Snow 1B
2008-10-27 21:34:50
180.   Eric Enders
Who does this help? I'd say Philly because Maddon had basically said his plan was to use Price for multiple innings tonight, rest him tomorrow, and then have him good to go again for Game 6. Now that won't happen.
2008-10-27 22:05:53
181.   bigcpa
I'm confused. Karl Ravech was saying, if not for the 2007 rule change, a 2-1 win could have been awarded to Philly (assuming Tampa didn't tie it). I thought the 2007 rule change only applied to weather-shortened tie games.
2008-10-27 22:12:54
182.   Bob Timmermann
Read the links in 140
That explains the rule changes.

Karl Ravech is right only if you are like Tim McCarver and Joe Buck and think Panama and Venezuela are the same country.

2008-10-27 22:16:13
183.   Eric Enders
McCarver thinks Venezuela is a lefthanded pitcher and Panama is a hat worn by the scout who signed him.
2008-10-27 22:17:41
184.   Bob Timmermann
Do you know how many regular season games this year were called before 9 innings?

Three. And two of them were between Baltimore and Toronto in the last week of the season.

The other was a game on August 4 between the Astros and Cubs.

2008-10-27 22:23:47
185.   LogikReader
Bob, if the game is suspended, does that mean this thread is suspended too, and we can return to it tomorrow???
2008-10-27 22:25:20
186.   Louis in SF

Tim Raines Jr
As a PR Mickey Rivers

2008-10-27 22:26:12
187.   Bob Timmermann
That will be my plan.
2008-10-27 22:30:57
188.   LogikReader
Uh oh... it's everybody's favorite Nelson, Amy K. Nelson on ESPN radio, as we speak.

What stories will she fabricate this time?

2008-10-27 22:30:59
189.   Eric Enders
Americans are geographically hopeless. Even the AP has now basically given up.

"I'm disappointed, but you can't control the weather," Murtha said, walking through Marconi Plaza in South Philadelphia. "It would have been nice to see them win today, but I'm confident they're going to win it anyway, that they'll do it tomorrow or in Tampa."

Perhaps they moved Game 6 to George M. Steinbrenner Field when I wasn't looking.

2008-10-27 22:36:36
190.   Bote Man

The press conference "explaining" tonight's events and decisions can be downloaded from the above page.

Noto bene the car salesman's response when asked whether it was a rule or his judgement that determined the disposition of this game under the circumstances.

2008-10-27 22:40:20
191.   bigcpa
OK so answer me this... under normal circumstances (meaning no Selig intervention) if Tampa had scored 2 runs in the 6th to lead 3-2, this would have been a rain-shortened 2-1 Philly win. And the 2007 rule change did nothing to change that sort of outcome where runs scored in a partial inning are wiped out.
2008-10-27 22:57:07
192.   bigcpa
OK that NY Times link in 140 cleared it up. I was mixing up the 1980 rule change involving partial inning scoring and the 2007 rule change for rained out ties in official games.
2008-10-28 00:18:34
193.   El Lay Dave
More weather names:

Chuck Rainey
Gene Freese
Juan (or Melvin) Nieves

2008-10-29 14:36:24
194.   Xeifrank
Vegas Watch Blog has a post showing the pre-game line for Game #5 was -172/+164 and the current live line taking into consideration 2-2 B6th inning is -159/+151. Fangraphs is at ~58% favoring the Phillies, solely based on empirical data. So Vegas thinks that the Phillies chances of winning are now less than they were prior to the start of Game #5, but not by much. They also are giving the Phillies a decent bump over the empirical number even with Hamels most likely out of the game. It could be that Vegas is trying to get some extra bets made on the Phillies (who knows). So yes, it looks like the Phillies are slightly worse off now than they were prior to the start of Game #5, based off of what Vegas shows. And of course, Vegas could be off... but that's a whole nother topic. :)
vr, Xei
2008-10-29 16:14:56
195.   Bob Timmermann
When play resumes the lineups are:
Iwamura 2B
Crawford LF
Upton CF
Pena 1B
Longoria 3B
Navarro C
Baldelli RF
Bartlett SS
Balfour P

Rollins 2B
Werth RF
Utley 2B
Howard 1B
Burrell LF
Victorino CF
Feliz 3B
Ruiz C
Hamels P

Hamels will be the first batter in the game. The Rays first batter in the seventh will be Navarro.

2008-10-29 16:22:50
196.   Bob Timmermann
For those of you on the West Coast, the Barack Obama infomercial will run on Fox AFTER the conclusion of Game 5. On all the other networks (except ABC), it will be shown at 8 pm PT.
2008-10-29 16:29:39
197.   Bob Timmermann
I mention the Obama informercial because it would be funny to see the Phillies whooping up a celebration and spraying Champagne on each other and then moving on to what promises to be a likely sober political commercial.
2008-10-29 16:46:30
198.   Xeifrank
197. Well, then hopefully the game goes 25 innings.
vr, Xei
2008-10-29 16:48:13
199.   Eric Enders
For those keeping score, the six Rays who campaigned for Obama in Tampa last week were David Price, Fernando Perez, Cliff Floyd, Edwin Jackson, Jonny Gomes, and Carl Crawford. Jason Bartlett was also supposed to be there but didn't show up.
2008-10-29 17:04:06
200.   Woden325
198 Yes, please.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-10-29 17:34:03
201.   Woden325
No pregame show? I'm deeply impressed.
2008-10-29 17:40:46
202.   Eric Stephen
...and we're back!
2008-10-29 17:41:16
203.   Eric Stephen
The crowd sounds PUMPED!
2008-10-29 17:42:22
204.   Woden325
203 Their enthusiasm hasn't been dampened.
2008-10-29 17:42:49
205.   Eric Stephen
I thought Baldelli had a bead on that one.
2008-10-29 17:44:38
206.   Eric Stephen
I think it would be funny if the Phils have Hamels wait until he's no longer the pitcher of record, then go take a shower. Treat it like normal. :)
2008-10-29 17:46:48
207.   Woden325
Some mighty fine fielding from the Rays so far tonight.
2008-10-29 17:49:15
208.   Mark T.R. Donohue
The biggest effect of the suspension: Both teams are playing like it's the bottom of the eighth, not the bottom of the sixth. The Rays never should have had the infield pulled in.
2008-10-29 17:50:36
209.   Woden325
I think Balfour would agree, Mark.
2008-10-29 17:54:19
210.   Sam DC
So, I assume no national anthem tonight?
2008-10-29 17:55:12
211.   Xeifrank
Werth out of the baseline there?
vr, Xei
2008-10-29 17:55:16
212.   Woden325
Not that I saw.
2008-10-29 17:56:14
213.   Woden325
212 was in response to 210.
I make no opinion on Werth's running.
2008-10-29 17:56:15
214.   Gen3Blue
I forgot we were over here. But I always wish well to Werth. As well as Navarro and Jackson.
2008-10-29 17:58:03
215.   Gen3Blue
Actually excellent running by Werth. I remember Wills doing that often. If he was picked off, it seemed like there was only a 50/50 shot at getting him out.
2008-10-29 18:00:54
216.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Buck said Baldelli was "0 for 2 tonight." These guys are on such autopilot.
2008-10-29 18:01:37
217.   Woden325
ND for Hamels. That must be a bit disappointing.
2008-10-29 18:01:58
218.   Eric Stephen
Moose, Rocco, help the judge find his wallet.
2008-10-29 18:03:29
219.   Mark T.R. Donohue
This series has been a godsend to lovers of the well-executed sacrifice bunt.
2008-10-29 18:04:13
220.   Woden325
219 Clint Hurdle, for instance?
2008-10-29 18:04:24
221.   regfairfield
Is there any reason to let Howell bat there? He's facing Burrell next inning.
2008-10-29 18:06:26
222.   Eric Stephen
Yeah, I didn't get that.
2008-10-29 18:07:20
223.   Andrew Shimmin
That was pretty stupid.
2008-10-29 18:07:30
224.   Eric Stephen
Would have been nice to see a clear camera shot of that play at the plate live.
2008-10-29 18:10:01
225.   Gen3Blue
That play at the plate was embarassing for the runner.
2008-10-29 18:10:52
226.   Andrew Shimmin
Clear on the replay. He was well and truly out.
2008-10-29 18:11:48
227.   Andrew Shimmin
This is why I should never get my hopes up. Stupid Rays, making me believe in something again. How did I not know better?
2008-10-29 18:12:37
228.   Eric Stephen
Where is all the outrage from Buck & McCarver that Burrell didn't hustle right out of the box?
2008-10-29 18:14:14
229.   regfairfield
It would have been very appropriate if someone lost an arm there.
2008-10-29 18:16:41
230.   Sam DC
228 Guess McCarver was reading . . .
2008-10-29 18:16:44
231.   Woden325
Are those earflap caps standard issue? I'd kind of dig a Rockies version.
2008-10-29 18:16:47
232.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm starting to suspect that Eric Stephen is from the very near future. He's like forty, fifty seconds ahead of the rest of us.
2008-10-29 18:17:32
233.   Woden325
I bet he has a flying car.
2008-10-29 18:17:33
234.   Woden325
I bet he has a flying car.
2008-10-29 18:20:47
235.   regfairfield
...And then the ROOGY comes in after Burrell bats.
2008-10-29 18:21:39
236.   Bob Timmermann
Six outs to go for the Phillies.
2008-10-29 18:22:03
237.   Woden325
Was I imagining it, or is there some guy wearing a chicken costume behind the first base dugout?
2008-10-29 18:22:20
238.   Eric Stephen

I'm going to hit submit as I see the 0-2 pitch to Ruiz reach the plate.

2008-10-29 18:25:17
239.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
Is there a way to watch the game online?
2008-10-29 18:27:03
240.   Bote Man
210 I listened to the Japanese broadcast on XM188 and they sang GBA to open the game, for some reason.

So much the better, since we don't have to interrupt the game for it in the 7th.

2008-10-29 18:28:29
241.   Sam DC
238 So what if we pick and pitch and everyone does that?

Would that be interesting?

Can't really say.

2008-10-29 18:28:35
242.   Bote Man
240 Some explanation: while all the other networks were doing their pre-game/in-game shows before the start of play, the Japanese network simply played the natural sound from the ballpark.

Then I switched over to ESPN to listen to Jon Miller and that other guy.

2008-10-29 18:29:15
243.   Sam DC
pick a pitch
2008-10-29 18:29:49
244.   Bob Timmermann
Four outs to go.
2008-10-29 18:30:20
245.   Eric Stephen
No idea if this is safe or legal, but this is via D4P:

2008-10-29 18:30:46
246.   Sam DC
Noooooo . . . I want more baseball!
2008-10-29 18:31:11
247.   Eric Stephen
Everyone hit submit as the first pitch to Longoria reaches the plate?
2008-10-29 18:32:56
248.   Bob Timmermann
Three Lidgian outs to go.
2008-10-29 18:33:33
249.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Carlos Ruiz for MVP!
2008-10-29 18:33:35
250.   Sam DC
works for me - that'll be the first pitch top of the ninth.

can it still be a one run game then please baseball gods?

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-10-29 18:33:43
251.   Bob Timmermann
Fox 11 in L.A. is going to have a lot of time to kill before their Obama infomercial.
2008-10-29 18:34:17
252.   Andrew Shimmin
Bob was brought on to be an apprentice for Death, once, many years ago, but they let him go for taunting people with a countdown before taking them to the underworld.
2008-10-29 18:39:14
253.   Eric Stephen
Would this be considered three-fo-fo?
2008-10-29 18:40:02
254.   das411
Dammit Joe Buck, Werth is not two for two on the NIGHT, he is two for two on the game. Stop trying to convince people this is the same game as Monday!
2008-10-29 18:40:50
255.   Woden325
That was a lame interjection about Penn.
2008-10-29 18:43:15
256.   das411
So...why didn't Price pitch to Jenkins?
2008-10-29 18:43:40
257.   Sam DC
These guys are gonna have to work pretty hard to convince that it made sense to let Howell bat so that the could face one batter as we sit here in a three inning game.
2008-10-29 18:43:49
258.   regfairfield
254 Isn't it?
2008-10-29 18:44:37
259.   Eric Stephen
I thought he meant same day but had a typo.
2008-10-29 18:45:08
260.   Gen3Blue
The Dodgers could have had this Price guy for breaking slot? How many of the other good teams kiss Selig's butt.
2008-10-29 18:45:39
261.   Xeifrank
Too bad Price wasn't in earlier to do that!
vr, Xei
2008-10-29 18:46:16
262.   Eric Stephen
Well, this is just about all you can ask for: your closer coming in to get 3 outs to win a world championship.
2008-10-29 18:46:28
263.   regfairfield
260 Everyone except Boston.
2008-10-29 18:46:30
264.   Xeifrank
251. Barney will be on in our household.
vr, Xei
2008-10-29 18:46:40
265.   das411
No not really, because in the game that should've been played the Rays would have had to pitch in that crap and Hamels would have thrown more than 70 pitches...

/Mike C'd


2008-10-29 18:47:11
266.   Sam DC
Allright then, about time for the great time stamp experiment.

Tee up your "Timestamp" comment and hit submit when you see the first pitch of the top of the ninth cross the plate.

Again, not really sure why . . .

2008-10-29 18:47:28
267.   Xeifrank
83% championship probability (for tonight) for Philadelphia Phillies now.
vr, Xei
2008-10-29 18:47:33
268.   Andrew Shimmin
263- Aren't the Indians notorious nose-thumbers, too?
2008-10-29 18:48:19
269.   Eric Stephen
I'm pretty sure Price was set on going to college.
2008-10-29 18:48:31
270.   Woden325
2008-10-29 18:48:32
271.   Sam DC
2008-10-29 18:48:33
272.   Andrew Shimmin
2008-10-29 18:49:14
273.   Woden325
I win, I guess.
2008-10-29 18:49:26
274.   Eric Stephen
I forgot.
2008-10-29 18:49:37
275.   Sam DC
I'd say Eric abandoned us, but he's right there not playing along!
2008-10-29 18:50:36
276.   Bob Timmermann
2008-10-29 18:50:51
277.   Sam DC
Two outs to go.
2008-10-29 18:50:59
278.   das411
TWO more outs!!
2008-10-29 18:51:31
279.   Bob Timmermann
Ya gotta be minimalist here.
2008-10-29 18:52:27
280.   das411
oooo not cool!
2008-10-29 18:52:36
281.   Gen3Blue
269 Eric, I didn't know it went back so far.
Maybe I'm thinking of someone in the last two years.
2008-10-29 18:52:52
282.   das411
Nando Perez for Dioner?
2008-10-29 18:53:20
283.   Eric Stephen
I had forgotten where George Hendrick was these days.
2008-10-29 18:53:42
284.   Bob Timmermann
So he's not talking to you anymore either, huh?
2008-10-29 18:53:59
285.   Eric Stephen
Alex White?
2008-10-29 18:54:21
286.   Eric Stephen
That was a heck of a jump.
2008-10-29 18:54:32
287.   das411
that's okay Lidge, just worry about the batter. Because the batter is Ben Zobrist...
2008-10-29 18:55:19
288.   Bob Timmermann
Zobrist, followed by Hinske! And then Aybar.
2008-10-29 18:55:46
289.   Bob Timmermann
2008-10-29 18:55:56
290.   Eric Stephen
I thought that one had a chance for a moment there.

A brief moment.

2008-10-29 18:56:13
291.   Andrew Shimmin
If I were Bud Selig, I'd declare that line drive a home run. He hit it hard, and wouldn't we all rather there be more baseball instead of no more baseball?
2008-10-29 18:56:29
292.   das411
2008-10-29 18:56:37
293.   Sam DC
Looked good off the bat.
2008-10-29 18:57:12
294.   Sam DC
291 (All - 411)
2008-10-29 18:57:36
295.   Eric Stephen
Two 1998 draftees going at it here.
2008-10-29 18:58:12
296.   Bob Timmermann
I'm guessing that Eric Hinske is really bad with two strikes.
2008-10-29 18:58:33
297.   Woden325
I'm a little disappointed in the Rays, but at least they showed up for the Series. Unlike a certain team I can mention from the last WS.

Congratulations, Phillies.

2008-10-29 18:58:51
298.   Sam DC
Congrats das.
2008-10-29 18:58:52
299.   das411
2008-10-29 18:58:57
300.   Eric Stephen
Sorry Xeifrank.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-10-29 18:59:43
301.   Woden325
Cheers, das!
2008-10-29 18:59:47
302.   regfairfield
And another team becomes more successful than the Dodgers in recent history.
2008-10-29 19:00:02
303.   Eric Stephen
Good for Davey Lopes.
2008-10-29 19:00:18
304.   Gen3Blue
To the Senior circuit. Yeah
2008-10-29 19:00:42
305.   Woden325
Gee whiz, Lidge signaled a fair catch. Why'd they tackle him?
2008-10-29 19:00:59
306.   Eric Stephen
I want so badly to make an "Even the Losers" joke on Mike's Baseball Rants but I won't.
2008-10-29 19:01:48
307.   Eric Stephen
Just for that, the NL should get home field in the All-Star game next season! :)
2008-10-29 19:02:12
308.   Andrew Shimmin
Why don't we get to see the replay of what Robothal did the instant the last out was recorded?
2008-10-29 19:02:52
309.   das411
awww thanks guys, farewell Rays, you will be back next year and hopefully against the Dodgers.

NOW time to go party like we've been waiting all our lives to do!!!

2008-10-29 19:03:03
310.   Bob Timmermann
Although he went to Notre Dame, I'm guessing that Brad Lidge isn't Catholic. We don't go in much for thanking Jesus for winning.
2008-10-29 19:04:25
311.   Woden325
310 Correct. We'd say "Saints be praised!"
2008-10-29 19:06:23
312.   Bob Timmermann
And no horses on the field.

And even better. No Pete Rose!

2008-10-29 19:07:11
313.   Alex41592
ESPN2 is showing the streets of Philly. I fear 2000 NBA Finals atmosphere.
2008-10-29 19:07:19
314.   williamnyy23
Congratulations to the Phillies...I guess this makes them the team to beat in all of baseball, not just the NL East :)
2008-10-29 19:07:55
315.   Gen3Blue
307 Amen to that.
2008-10-29 19:09:13
316.   Eric Stephen
"You had trouble in your first postseason..."

Umm, Rosenthal should have known Lidge's first postseason was 2004, not 2005.

2008-10-29 19:09:52
317.   Bote Man
Fire up the Hot Stove, baby!
2008-10-29 19:11:54
318.   das411
YESSSSS way to boo the Commissioner Philly phans!!
2008-10-29 19:12:24
319.   Woden325
Classy, Philly fans, you boo the team you just beat.
2008-10-29 19:12:35
320.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
I live in a suburb 10 miles from the city, and there are fireworks going on all over the place. It feels like New Years here.
2008-10-29 19:13:53
321.   Xeifrank
Congrats to the Phils. I think it's safe to say that the Rays were definitely outcoached and outplayed in this series.
vr, Xei
2008-10-29 19:17:56
322.   Eric Stephen
I'm getting tired of this Cole Hamels nice guy stuff. Can't he be more villainy?
2008-10-29 19:35:18
323.   Andrew Shimmin
Cole Hamels has a flying car that runs on moonlight, but he keeps it in a bunker in order to keep the price of oil (and tires) high.

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