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Continuing to bore people with a cricket story
2006-08-21 22:49
by Bob Timmermann

Personally, I find the stories about Pakistan's forfeiture of a Test match against England fascinating.

Little did I realize, but tampering with the ball happens a lot. And it's not hard to do as the ball naturally gets scuffed up during a match because it gets bounced on the ground all the time. The BBC story linked above explains a lot about what happens when a cricket ball is tampered with. It's almost like a pitcher throwing a curve ball during a game that suddenly decided to break the other direction.

As I see it, if there's a ball and a bat, it's fair game for the Griddle.

2006-08-21 23:23:11
1.   Greg Brock
"So if you present the ball as an outswinger, the ball has deteriorated so much on the rough side that it takes on the characteristics of the shiny side.

"Which means a natural outswinger will become an inswinger and conversely, an inswinger an outswinger."

Makes sense to me.

Not really

2006-08-21 23:43:02
2.   Linkmeister
Croquet? Table Tennis?
2006-08-21 23:44:21
3.   Linkmeister
Oops! Forgot polo!

There's a polo field up by the North Shore of Oahu which is right next to the ocean. It's a really nice thing to do on a Sunday afternoon. Champagne optional.

2006-08-21 23:49:57
4.   Greg Brock
And yet, Wiffle Ball continues to go unnoticed by Bob Timmermann.
2006-08-21 23:50:30
5.   Bob Timmermann
Polo uses a mallet.

Some do use the term "bat" for table tennis.

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