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Spring training anecdotes, trivia, minutiae
2007-03-05 18:33
by Bob Timmermann

  • Good news! Jon Lester is back pitching after receiving treatement in the offseason for cancer!
  • Bad news! Mark Grudzielanek is out 4-6 weeks after knee surgery.
  • Unimportant news! Former player Tom Goodwin will manage an independent league team in Lewisville, Texas.
  • Self-serving news! Gary Sheffield says he doesn't care if he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame. And he thinks Alex Rodriguez will play well this year.
  • Good news! Josh Hamilton is off to a good start this spring with the Reds.
  • Cautious good news! Bobby Murcer says he will be back in the Yankee broadcast booth in 2007, but he doesn't know when.
  • Angry news! Diane Firstman doesn't like what Bud Selig is saying about MLB's TV conracts.

Don't forget: The Pac-10 tournament contest is still open. There are 22 entries, although xeifrank and Trojan Ron needs to fix theirs his.

El Lay Dave supplied a nicer looking bracket!

Additional rules for the Pac-10 Tournament contest: People who have turned in identical brackets were asked to send me their guess for the final score. That tiebreaker will work this way:
1) number of points (+/-) to the winning score
2) number of points (+/-) to the losing score

A person who picks the champion will have priority over someone with an equal score who has no teams left in the final. That is only the case in a tie. If you get a lot of points early and your pick for the final is out, you would still win if you have more points anyway.

2007-03-05 18:52:33
1.   Sam DC
My griping accomplishes something.

I've left a mark!

2007-03-05 18:53:36
2.   Sam DC
Josh Hamilton: Babe Ruth :: David Ross: Little Kid in Hospital Bed

2007-03-05 18:53:50
3.   Sam DC
(and yes I realize it doesn't quite work)
2007-03-05 18:56:24
4.   El Lay Dave
1 We couldn't have you continuing to grouse about it. Might scare off the passerbys.

I was frustrated that I couldn't find one online anywhere, so I made that one, just quick and dirty. (I should have made that colored text a lighter blue.)

2007-03-05 18:59:18
5.   Sam DC
4 Thank you.

(thinking, "what should I grouse on next?")

2007-03-05 19:10:14
6.   El Lay Dave
5 DC is a target-rich environment for grousing.
2007-03-05 19:35:06
7.   dianagramr
One of these days I hope to not provide angry news ... :-)
2007-03-05 21:53:40
8.   Greg Brock
Diamonds are for Anger.
2007-03-06 15:33:01
9.   Gen3Blue
I never understand rules. I wonder if that affected my social development. (I never understood the uses of effect vs. affect either. If you do, find a good dictionary and read up on all derivatives of these two words. If you still understand, congratulations, you are unusual.

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