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2007-03-07 12:51
by Bob Timmermann

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports misses the World Baseball Classic this spring.

I guess it's just Jeff and I who are feeling wistful for a good Italy vs. Australia baseball game.

Still time for the Pac-10 tournament contest. It's up to 33 entries!

2007-03-07 13:26:51
1.   Johan
I also miss the WBC.


2007-03-07 13:35:28
2.   standuptriple
1 Boooo! I thought it was a great venture and a ton of fun. It's hard to imagine US fans showing that much support for any team (and not being prodded by a thunderstick or a rally monkey). And it was for the most part genuine support. Not the "You suck!" that I have to endure at an A's/Royals businessman special. It was a chance to show some pride without degrading or showing up your opponent. I'm glad I made an effort to attend the final round in SD. And I hope in 20 years I can brag about being at the first one.
2007-03-07 13:51:30
3.   Johan
2 - I hope you can as well. It would be neat if it grew into something special. I don't oppose the idea, but the first one did nothing for me.
2007-03-07 13:55:08
4.   Bob Timmermann
I liked it because it gave me weird things to blog about.
2007-03-07 14:48:03
5.   El Lay Dave
4 There never seems to be a shortage anyway.

If you get a few more than 512 entries (since duplicates already exist), all combinations could be covered.

2007-03-07 15:54:45
6.   trainwreck
I wanna see the Dodger Taiwanese Three-Headed Dragon of Kuo, Tsao, and Hu.

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