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He hit it into the next county!
2007-03-27 18:29
by Bob Timmermann

Jay Gibbons of the Orioles is hoping to stay injury-free this year after hurting his knee last year running into an outfield wall. David Ginsburg of the Associated Press describes it this way.

"I can't run into a wall. That derailed my whole season," said Gibbons, shaking his head as he recalled the mishap in Los Angeles that put him on the disabled list with injuries to his neck and right knee. Gibbons was playing right field for the Baltimore Orioles when he collided with the wall while chasing a fly ball on May 26.

Hmm... May 26.... May 26 .... Just where were the Orioles playing on May 26, 2006?

Well played, Mr. Moreno. Well played.

This post is going over as well as one I made about John Wetteland being named bullpen coach of the Nationals. That joke bombed. Oh well. Seemed funny at the time.

2007-03-27 20:02:54
1.   Greg Brock
I could have sworn there was a different headline on this before...
2007-03-27 20:38:30
2.   Bob Timmermann
I thought the second one was funnier.
2007-03-27 20:38:42
3.   D4P
It was something about "hustle." Either way, I still don't get the gist of the post.
2007-03-27 20:48:49
4.   Bob Timmermann
The Griddle's Cliffs Notes:

1. The AP article states that Jay Gibbons of the Orioles injured himself in a game in Los Angeles.

2. The date in question is May 26, when the Orioles were playing in Anaheim.

3. The Angels call themselves "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim."

4. Hence, Arte Moreno's plan to rename his team must have worked.

2007-03-27 20:53:57
5.   D4P
I prefer "Los Angeles 'California Angels' of Anaheim"
2007-03-27 21:24:58
6.   capdodger
5 Shouldn't that be "Los Angeles, California Angels of Anaheim"?
2007-03-27 21:27:01
7.   Greg Brock
I thought it was funny. And the Wetteland post was funny too. I got it.

Sorry I missed it at the time. I would have backed you up on that one.

2007-03-27 21:32:57
8.   Greg Brock
Going back to the Wetteland joke, it reminded me of a great Moe Drabowsky story from the book Pen Men.

After being traded, Drabowsky returned to his former home stadium with another team, but still knew the number to the home bullpen. Drabowsky called the home bullpen, pretending to be the pitching coach, and kept getting pitchers warmed up. He would call over and say "Get So and So Hot! Get Hot!" and hang up.

Meanwhile, back in the home dugout, the manager and pitching coach had no idea why the hell their relievers were all getting warm.

I know it's random, but this thread looked like it needed a humorous story.

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